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Naval Academy Class of 2013: L-Z

May. 24, 2013 - 04:15PM   |  
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Name -- Service Assignment

Labbe, Katie -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Ladaw, Uziel -- Civil Engineer Corps

Ladha, Shafiq -- Marine Corps Pilot

Lagergren, Elise -- Navy Pilot

Lamadrid, Marcus -- Surface Warfare

Lamascus, Justin -- Navy Pilot

Lander, Pamela -- Marine Corps Ground

Lange, Rhyan -- Grad No Comm

Larry, Tyshan -- Surface Warfare

Larson, Kristoffer -- Marine Corps Ground

Lasalle, Nicholas -- Navy Pilot

Lassen, Matthew -- Surface Warfare IP Option

Lassonde, Ian -- Marine Corps Pilot

Laughridge, James -- Marine Corps Pilot

Lavelle, Sean -- Navy NFO

Lavender, Chantel -- Surface Engineering Duty

Laviano, Devin -- Surface Warfare

Law, Gordon -- Surface Warfare

Lawlor, Tyler -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Lawson, Hayden -- Marine Corps Ground

Layug, Christine -- Navy NFO

Leal, Joaquin -- Marine Corps Ground

Learned, Kelsey -- Surface Warfare

Lebovitz, Nicolas -- Navy Pilot

Ledoux, Tyler -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Lee, Philip -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Legler, Hannah -- Navy Pilot

Leiby, Christopher -- Navy Pilot

Leinmiller, Erica -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Lenczowski, Hubert -- Surface Warfare

Lentz, Jeff -- Navy Pilot

Lepter, Molly -- Surface Warfare

Lethbridge, Jacob -- Navy NFO

Lethbridge, Matthew -- Marine Corps Ground

Levin, Jacob -- Marine Corps Ground

Leviton, Cory -- Surface Warfare IP Option

Lewis, Brendan -- Navy NFO

Leyvayelverton, Samantha -- Surface Engineering Duty

Lightfoot, Jewel -- Intelligence

Linn, Nikkolas

Lintz, Katrina -- Navy Pilot

Littlejohn, Arabia -- Surface Warfare

Livengood, Mark -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Livi, Joseph -- Marine Corps Ground

Lizotte, Alexander -- Marine Corps Ground

Lloyd, Benjamin -- Marine Corps Ground

Lodato, Victor -- Supply Corps

Loeffelman, Garrett -- Marine Corps Ground

Loeffler, Paul -- Marine Corps Ground

Loftis, Jarrett -- Marine Corps Pilot

Lonero, Angelo -- Navy Pilot

Longhenry, Dustin -- Surface Warfare

Lopez, Caroline -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Lopezsotelo, Fernando -- Marine Corps Pilot

Love, Brittany -- Surface Warfare

Lovely, Derek -- Marine Corps Ground

Lumsden, Luke -- Surface Warfare

Lutch, Matthew -- Marine Corps Pilot

Lynch, Tyler -- Navy NFO

Ma, Brian -- Navy Pilot

Mack, Jarred -- Supply Corps

Maguire, Patrick -- Navy Pilot

Maher, Allison -- Marine Corps Ground

Mahoney, Kimberly -- Navy Pilot

Mall, Brijet -- Surface Warfare

Mandrayar, Shan -- Marine Corps Ground

Mann, Jeffrey -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Mannix, Ashley -- Surface Warfare IP Option

Marcelo, Naomi -- Surface Warfare

Margoliscasillas, Maxwell -- Navy NFO

Marrs, Benjamin -- Surface Warfare

Martin, Brandon -- Navy NFO

Martin, Kevin -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Martin, Meleah -- Marine Corps Pilot

Martin, Shane -- Surface Warfare

Martinez, Christopher -- Marine Corps Pilot

Marton, Taylor -- Surface Warfare

Marziale, Joshua -- Marine Corps Ground

Matacotta, Anthony -- Marine Corps Pilot

Maya, Dylan -- Surface Warfare

Mayer, Hannah -- Navy Pilot

McCann, Lauren -- Marine Corps Ground

McCarthy, Shannon -- Surface Warfare

McClellan, Daniel -- Navy Pilot

McCrary, Patrick -- Navy NFO

McCubrey, Connor -- Marine Corps Ground

McCullough, Jordan -- Surface Warfare

McDaniel, Jacob -- Submarine (Nuclear)

McGee, Miles -- Navy Pilot

McGee, William -- Marine Corps Ground

McGoogan, Evan -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

McKenna, Erin -- Surface Warfare

McKeon, Jack -- Supply Corps

McKimmins, Holly -- Navy Pilot

McLean, Chase -- Marine Corps Ground

McLeod, Brianna -- Navy NFO

McMillan, Gregory -- Marine Corps Ground

McPherson, Michael -- Submarine (Nuclear)

McSweeney, Riley -- Marine Corps Ground

McVay, Matthew -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Medina, David -- Marine Corps Pilot

Meidus, Stephen -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Mellin, Emily -- Surface Engineering Duty

Mello, Isaac -- Surface Warfare

Mensing, Alexandra -- Navy Pilot

Merkert, Keegan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Metzler, Christian -- Surface Warfare

Milanes, David -- Marine Corps Ground

Milewski, Elizabeth -- Surface Warfare

Miller, Austin -- Marine Corps Ground

Miller, Bailey -- Surface Warfare

Miller, Christopher -- Surface Warfare

Miller, Daniel -- Marine Corps Ground

Miller, Nicholas -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Minn, Yale -- Navy NFO

Mix, Zachary -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Moeller, Mark -- Marine Corps Pilot

Momani, Nora -- Navy Pilot

Monagle, Ryan -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Montermini, Rand -- Navy Pilot

Montez, Dominic -- Surface Warfare IP Option

Montgomery, Ryan -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Moore, Gregory -- Marine Corps Pilot

Moore, Kevin -- Surface Warfare

Moorman, Michael -- Marine Corps Pilot

Morado, Jack -- Marine Corps Ground

Morales, Angel -- Surface Warfare

Morales, Daniel -- Marine Corps Ground

More, Eric -- Navy Pilot

Morgan, Thomas -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Moriarty, Bryn -- Surface Warfare

Morris, Benjamin -- Intelligence

Morris, Brett -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Morrison, Kenneth -- Navy Pilot

Mosher, Eric -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Mourafetis, Michael -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Mueller, Justin -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Muirhead, Kimberly -- Surface Warfare

Mun, Kathy -- Surface Warfare

Murphy, Christopher -- Navy Pilot

Murphy, Daniel -- Navy Pilot

Musselwhite, Steven -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Nadal, Gregory -- Navy NFO

Nagel, Capshaw -- Marine Corps Ground

Nanartowich, Marina -- Surface Warfare

Negley, Darren -- Navy Pilot

Neitzke, Luke -- Navy Pilot

Nelloms, Kristina -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Nelson, Benjamin -- Navy NFO

Newberry, William -- Marine Corps Ground

Newnam, Charles -- Navy Pilot

Newsome, Randall -- Surface Warfare

Newton, Michael -- Surface Warfare

Nguyen, Duc -- Navy Pilot

Nguyen, Peter -- Navy Pilot

Nicholl, Jordyn -- Marine Corps Ground

Noel, Nathan -- Navy Pilot

Nolan, Shane -- Navy NFO

Norman, Michael -- Marine Corps Ground

Norris, Cade -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Novicov, Nick -- Supply Corps

Nurthen, John Michael -- Civil Engineer Corps

Nye, Bradley -- Surface Warfare

Nygren, David -- SWO Information Warfare Option

Oberst, Cory -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Oblinsky, Morgan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

O’Boyle, John -- Supply Corps

O’Brien, Elizabeth -- Surface Warfare

Odom, Cristen -- SWO Intel Option

O’Driscoll, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Ogier, Nicolas -- Navy Pilot

Ogundipe, Akinseye -- Surface Warfare

Ohiomoba, Temitope -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Ojard, John -- Navy Pilot

Olechowski, Claire -- Navy Pilot

O’Neill, Benjamin -- Navy Pilot

Orton, Jeremy -- Surface Warfare

Oster, Jonathan -- Navy Pilot

O’Sullivan, Patrick -- Marine Corps Pilot

Otano, Katie -- Navy Pilot

Otto, Joshua -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Owen, Kelsey -- Surface Warfare

Owens, Andrew -- Marine Corps Ground

Owens, Michael -- Surface Warfare

Palazzo, Giancarlo -- Navy NFO

Palm, William

Palmquist, Mark -- Information Professional

Pangborn, Joshua -- Surface Warfare

Pangborn, Ryan -- Navy NFO

Panter, Donald -- Surface Warfare

Paquette, John -- Navy Pilot

Parin, Johnathan -- Surface Warfare

Park, Erica -- Surface Warfare

Parker, Robert -- Surface Warfare

Parker, William -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Parker, William -- Navy Pilot

Parmigiane, Sean -- Marine Corps Pilot

Parr, Christopher -- Marine Corps Ground

Paruso, Toni -- Marine Corps Pilot

Patane, Stephen -- EOD

Patitsas, Nicholas -- Marine Corps Pilot

Patrick, Zachary -- EOD

Patton, Randolph -- Navy Pilot

Paulmeno, Andrew -- Marine Corps Ground

Paulson, Ryan -- Navy Pilot

Payne, Stephanie -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Peart, Eric -- Surface Warfare

Pedrotty, Paul -- Navy Pilot

Pellman, Ethan -- Surface Warfare

Penichet, Jacqueline -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Penley, Jennifer -- Surface Engineering Duty

Pennington, Alexander -- Marine Corps Pilot

Perez, Erica -- Marine Corps Pilot

Perez, Francisco -- Civil Engineer Corps

Perry, Matthew -- Navy Pilot

Pescaia, Damon -- Navy Pilot

Peterman, Ryan -- Navy Pilot

Petros, Haben -- Surface Warfare

Philbin, Sean -- SWO Intel Option

Pierce, Dillon -- Marine Corps Ground

Piersall, Charles -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Pintos, Dorinda -- Marine Corps Ground

Pitcher, Brooke -- Navy Pilot

Planeta, George -- Marine Corps Ground

Pluhar, Zane -- Marine Corps Pilot

Pollard, Michael -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Poole, Jonathan -- Surface Warfare

Poremski, Nicholas -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Porlas, Dylon -- Navy NFO

Porter, Christopher -- Navy Pilot

Posillico, Anthony -- Surface Warfare

Prescott, Samuel -- Marine Corps Pilot

Price, Andrew -- Navy Pilot

Price, Benjamin -- Navy Pilot

Price, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Prieto, George -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Pritchard, Edward -- Marine Corps Ground

Probe, Travis -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Provost, Eric -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Puppolo, Fallon -- Surface Warfare

Putbrese, Benjamin -- Navy Pilot

Quinn, Daniel -- EOD

Quinn, Emma -- Marine Corps Ground

Raburn, Matthew -- Information Warfare

Rademaker, Blake -- Navy Pilot

Ragsdale, Kelsey -- Surface Warfare Oceanography Option

Rakoczy, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Ramey, Joshua -- Navy NFO

Ramirez, Daniel -- Marine Corps Ground

Ramirez, Samuel -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Ramoscalvario, Josue -- Surface Warfare

Rapp, Christina -- Marine Corps Ground

Rappeport, Sam -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Rattan, Michael -- Marine Corps Ground

Rauch, John -- Marine Corps Pilot

Rauscher, Chance -- Navy Pilot

Rawls, Michael -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Raynes, Michael -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Reaser, Mark -- Marine Corps Pilot

Reed, Alison -- Navy Pilot

Reed, Catherine -- Surface Warfare

Reed, Christopher -- Marine Corps Pilot

Reed, Joshua -- Navy Pilot

Register, Paula -- Navy Pilot

Reina, Denzel -- Surface Engineering Duty

Reindl, Michael -- Navy NFO

Reminger, Danielle -- Navy Pilot

Renaldo, James -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Repp, Robert -- Navy Pilot

Rey, Annmarie -- Surface Warfare

Reynolds, Philip -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Rice, Andrew -- Navy NFO

Richey, John -- Navy Pilot

Richmond, Matthew -- Surface Warfare

Riddick, Justin -- Supply Corps

Ridgway, Jessica -- Surface Engineering Duty

Riel, Roviric -- Marine Corps Ground

Rinehart, Joel -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Rintz, Eric -- Navy Pilot

Rintz, Marc -- Navy Pilot

Riojas, Georgia -- Navy Pilot

Rivers, Jemuir -- Navy Pilot

Rizzo, Joseph -- Surface Warfare

Ro, Edward -- Surface Warfare

Roa, Antonio -- Surface Warfare

Roan, Stephen -- Surface Warfare

Roberts, Daniel -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Robertson, Daniel -- Marine Corps Pilot

Robinson, Anthony -- Navy Pilot

Robinson, Benjamin -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Robinson, James -- Surface Warfare

Robinson, James -- Navy Pilot

Rocco, Zachariah -- Marine Corps Ground

Rocha, James -- Marine Corps Ground

Rockefeller, Colin -- Navy NFO

Rodriguez, Richard -- Surface Warfare

Rodriguez, Richard -- Surface Warfare

Roemer, Peter -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Rogers, Peter -- Surface Warfare

Roofner, Brian -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Ross, Camille -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Ross, Edward -- Marine Corps Pilot

Ross, Samuel -- Surface Warfare

Roth, Kevin -- Marine Corps Pilot

Rouse, Philip -- Navy Pilot

Rowe, Scott -- EOD

Roy, Logan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Royster, Charles -- Surface Warfare

Rupp, Sarah -- Navy Pilot

Russell, James -- Marine Corps Pilot

Ryan, Joseph -- Marine Corps Ground

Ryan, Keegan -- Intelligence

Ryan, Zachary -- Marine Corps Ground

Rydalch, Andrew -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Ryman, Ryan -- Marine Corps Pilot

Sabbatini, Scott -- Surface Warfare

Sadler, Wesley -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Sakamoto, Arthur -- Marine Corps Pilot

Sales, Michael -- Navy NFO

Sanchez, Theresa -- Navy Pilot

Sanchezmaldonado, Sara -- Surface Warfare

Sandroni, Christian -- Navy Pilot

Santos, Lavontay -- Marine Corps Ground

Santos, Lorenzo -- Surface Warfare

Sasai, Matthew Sean -- Marine Corps Ground

Satterwhite, John -- Navy Pilot

Savo, Joseph -- Surface Warfare

Saylor, James -- Surface Warfare

Scales, Stephen -- Navy NFO

Schalles, Jacob -- Navy NFO

Schieve, Bradford -- Navy Pilot

Schimelpfenig, Natalie -- Surface Warfare

Schmerber, Daniel -- Navy Pilot

Schmidt, Benjamin -- Navy Pilot

Schmidt, Ryan -- Navy Pilot

Schneider, Roberto -- Navy Pilot

Schoberl, John -- Marine Corps Ground

Schwacke, Christopher -- Marine Corps Ground

Schwamb, Erich -- Navy Pilot

Scott, Stephen -- Marine Corps Pilot

Seese, Raymond -- Marine Corps Ground

Seivold, Jordan

Seng, Patrick -- Marine Corps Pilot

Senoyuit, Mary -- Surface Warfare

Severson, Peter -- Marine Corps Ground

Shannon, Joseph -- Surface Warfare

Share, Ashleigh -- Surface Engineering Duty

Sharma, Rohit -- Surface Warfare

Shavers, Clyde -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Shaw, Joshua -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Shea, Andrew -- Navy Pilot

Sherwood, Garrett -- Navy Pilot

Shibata, Matthew -- Marine Corps Ground

Shinnick, John -- Surface Warfare

Short, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Shuttleworth, William -- Navy Pilot

Sich, Markian -- Marine Corps Pilot

Siefring, Seamus -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Simmonds, Mitchell -- Marine Corps Pilot

Simons, Derrick -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Simpson, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Simpson, Robert -- Marine Corps Ground

Simpson, Stewart -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Sinar, Melissa -- Surface Warfare

Skogerboe, Eric -- Surface Warfare

Slack, Patrick -- Surface Warfare

Sloan, Quinn -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Sluzewicz, Melanie -- Marine Corps Ground

Smiley, Michael -- Surface Warfare

Smith, Christian -- Marine Corps Ground

Smith, Cody -- Surface Warfare

Smith, Douglas -- Navy NFO

Smith, John -- Surface Warfare

Smith, Kristin -- Marine Corps Ground

Smith, Raquel -- Navy Pilot

Smith, Samuel -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Snelgrove, Miles -- Marine Corps Ground

Snell, Andrew -- Navy Pilot

Snelson, Benjamin -- Marine Corps Ground

So, Jillianne -- Surface Warfare

So, William -- Navy Pilot

Sohn, Joshua -- Medical/Dental Student

Solmonson, Molly -- Surface Warfare

Sonnenberg, Ian -- Marine Corps Ground

Soto, Francheska -- Marine Corps Ground

Spada, Steven -- Marine Corps Ground

Spencer, Clinton -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Spinello, Michael -- Marine Corps Pilot

Spivey, John -- Navy Pilot

Spivey, Jordan -- Navy Pilot

Staab, Chloe -- Surface Warfare

Stamer, Scott -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Stanley, Andrew -- Marine Corps Pilot

Stark, Joseph -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Stellato, Andrew -- Navy Pilot

Stephenson, Luke -- Marine NFO

Stevens, Christopher -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Stewart, Seth -- Marine Corps Pilot

Stiles, Audrey -- Navy Pilot

Stooksbury, Andrea -- Marine Corps Ground

Stout, Clayton

Strelkoff, Samuel -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Sturdivant, Collin -- Supply Corps

Suen, Justin -- Navy NFO

Summers, Parker -- Surface Warfare

Swan, Nathan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Sweeney, Sean -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Sweet, Alexander -- Marine Corps Pilot

Switanek, Kiley -- Navy Pilot

Takeda, Edgar -- Navy Pilot

Talarico, Christian -- Marine Corps Ground

Talisse, Charles -- Navy Pilot

Tangen, Scott -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Tanner, Zachary -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Tatum, Zachary -- Navy NFO

Tauber, Troy -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Taylor, Jared -- Surface Warfare

Taylor, Kenneth -- Navy NFO

Teague, Brent -- Marine Corps Ground

Teska, Christopher -- Marine Corps Ground

Thein, Tyler -- Surface Warfare

Theriault, Luke -- Navy NFO

Thomas, Bennett -- Marine Corps Pilot

Thomas, James -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Thomas, Matthew -- Marine Corps Ground

Thomerson, Lora -- Marine Corps Ground

Thorsen, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Tidd, Joel -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Timmreck, Jordan -- Marine Corps Ground

Tobias, Noah -- Marine Corps Ground

Todd, Kyle -- Navy NFO

Tomaszewski, Lyle -- Navy NFO

Ton, Stefanie -- Marine Corps Ground

Toombs, Austin -- Navy Pilot

Totta, Andrew -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Towle, David -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Toy, Spencer -- Marine Corps Ground

Tracy, Ray -- Navy NFO

Tresansky, Andrew -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Trezza, Jeffrey -- Surface Warfare

Tsukamoto, Christian -- Surface Warfare

Turner, Brandon

Turner, James -- Marine Corps Pilot

Urbashich, Joseph

Vagts, Justin -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Valaik, Nathaniel -- Marine Corps Ground

Vales, Jamie -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Van Benthem, Max -- Navy Pilot

Van Driessche, Aaron -- Surface Warfare

Van Eerden, Lambert -- Marine Corps Ground

Van Norman, Derek -- Navy NFO

Vanheest, Andrew -- Navy Pilot

Vankirk, James -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Vann, Benny -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Vann, Taylor -- Navy Pilot

Vanwinter, Robert -- Surface Warfare

Vargas, Daphne -- Marine Corps Pilot

Veech, Robert -- Navy Pilot

Verbeeck, Michelle

Wahl, Emerson -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Walia, Jagdeep -- Surface Warfare

Walker, Cotter -- Navy Pilot

Walker, David -- Surface Warfare

Walker, Jesse -- Navy Pilot

Walker, Scott -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Walls, Anderson -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Walz, Zachary

Ware, Corey -- Marine Corps Ground

Warren, John -- Navy NFO

Warrick, Matthew -- Supply Corps

Washington, Michael -- Navy Pilot

Washkewicz, Eric -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Watson, Benjamin -- Marine Corps Ground

Watson, Rebecca -- Navy Pilot

Watterson, Philip -- Navy NFO

Waugh, Emily -- Surface Warfare

Waugh, Nicholas -- Navy NFO

Weintraub, Noah -- Special Warfare (SEAL)

Weisberg, Bryan -- Navy Pilot

Werner, Alexis -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Wesley, Maria -- Marine Corps Ground

Westlake, Zachary -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Wetzel, Keegan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Wheeler, Dylan -- Navy Pilot

Wheeler, Timothy -- Navy Pilot

Whitcombe, Katie -- Marine Corps Ground

White, James -- Surface Warfare

White, Zachary -- Marine Corps Ground

Whitsett, Daniel -- Navy Pilot

Wickerson, Adam

Widhalm, Kyle -- Civil Engineer Corps

Wilke, Korin -- Navy Pilot

Wilkes, Conor -- Navy NFO

Wilkins, Ryan -- Marine Corps Pilot

Williams, Daphne -- Marine Corps Ground

Williams, Philip -- Marine Corps Pilot

Williams, Ryan -- Marine Corps Ground

Williams, Terrie -- Surface Warfare

Williams, Tonnie -- Marine Corps Ground

Williamson, John -- Medical/Dental Student

Wingate, Jordan -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Winston, Antionne -- Surface Warfare

Wiseman, Conn -- Marine Corps Ground

Wolf, Benjamin -- Surface Warfare

Wolowicz, Megan -- FY 13 - SWO

Wondolowski, Andrew -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Wood, Scott -- Marine Corps Ground

Wooden, Matthieu -- Surface Warfare

Woods, Cameron -- Marine Corps Pilot

Woody, Symone -- Navy Pilot

Wootten, Eric -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Worsham, Lisa -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Wright, Kameron -- Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Wright, Matthew -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Yates, Matthew -- Marine Corps Ground

Yonkings, David -- EOD

Young, Elizabeth -- Surface Engineering Duty

Young, Katherine -- Surface Engineering Duty

Yun, Hannah -- Surface Warfare

Zanetti, Ashley -- Navy Pilot

Zapala, William -- Navy Pilot

Zapata, David -- Surface Warfare

Zettler, Dean -- Submarine (Nuclear)

Zikos, Antonios -- Marine Corps Ground

Ziminski, Daniel -- Marine Corps Pilot

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