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Researchers mark death of Pearl Harbor mastermind Yamamoto
A group from the U.S. and Japan is trekking to a remote Pacific island jungle to document what is considered one of the most important wreck sites of World War II: where American fighters shot down a Japanese bomber carrying the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Old yearbook photo spurs effort to find missing WWII pilot
During World War II, four American service men who graduated from the same upstate New York high school had their photo taken for the yearbook: a Coast Guardsman, a Navy pilot, a sailor and a soldier. The pilot never made it home and is still listed as missing in action.
Who are the men in soldier's WWII sketches?
Before the Army’s 27th Infantry Division was decimated in a bloody World War II battle, Stan Dube sketched portraits of his fellow soldiers. The 17 drawings were forgotten after the war and stashed in an attic for decades before being found a year ago by his son.
Remains of WWII Marine from NYC being returned for burial
Nancy Lewis never knew the uncle everyone called Joey, but the stories her grandmother would tell of the son, Marine Corps Pvt. Joseph Carbone, who didn’t return from World War II made it seem like he was still around. “She made him so real for us,” Lewis said.
Dog tags, possible remains of WWII soldier found on island
A New York military aviation researcher got more than she bargained for on a dream trip to a battle-scarred South Pacific island — the chance to help solve the mystery of an American soldier listed as missing in action from World War II.
New book on bloody WWII battle inspired by NY veteran
When military history author Bill Sloan sought inspiration for his new book on World War II in the Pacific, he found it in a then-96-year-old combat veteran from upstate New York who survived one of the war's bloodiest battles.
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