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New book on bloody WWII battle inspired by NY veteran
When military history author Bill Sloan sought inspiration for his new book on World War II in the Pacific, he found it in a then-96-year-old combat veteran from upstate New York who survived one of the war's bloodiest battles.
75 years after Midway, Navy hero honored in hometown
C. Wade McClusky Jr. faced a tough decision on June 4, 1942: turn his low-on-fuel U.S. Navy air squadron around or keep searching for the Japanese fleet headed for Midway. He decided to go on and wound up changing history.
WWII U.S. spy vets group irked by cemetery name choice
A new veterans cemetery to be built between Buffalo and Rochester will be named the Western New York National Cemetery, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said Tuesday in an announcement that irked an organization of World War II spies.
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