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Bereaved parents of slain US soldier attend trial in Jordan
The father of one of the three U.S. military trainers shot dead at a Jordanian air base in November says he will honor any decision made by the military court trying the alleged killer, but that no punishment can compensate for the loss of his son.
Jordan soldier says he fired at US troops in fear of attack
A Jordanian soldier charged with killing three U.S. Army Green Berets told a military court on Tuesday that he opened fire because he thought fellow Jordanian troops had come under attack but that he felt no resentment toward Americans.
Witnesses describe Jordan shooting that killed 3 US troops
Three gate guards at a Jordanian air base told a military court Monday that they held their fire when they heard an apparent gunshot from the direction of a nearby U.S. troop convoy because they couldn't identify the source of the sound.
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