A former Army Ranger, 44-year-old Robert Lebron, was attacked by two men while on walking in a park in the Bronx in New York City with his service dog, Mala, WPIX11 reports.

Lebron served in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. To begin his healing process when he got home, he got Mala, according to WPIX11. Lebron was attacked from behind by two men on Mother's Day.

A nearby surveillance camera managed to capture the scene. The footage was obtained by WPIX11 and shows one attacker pouncing on Lebron from behind, causing him to stumble down the stairs, while another attacker took the opportunity to swipe Mala.

"I didn't want to fight; I didn't know if they had a weapon. I just didn't want me or my dog getting hurt," Lebron told WPIX11. He said he believes that one of the attackers is his wife's ex-boyfriend, a man who attacked Lebron on a separate occasion less than a month ago.

"[If] you see something, say something - because I need her and she needs me," he said.