Brian Bugge’s approach to a permanent change-of-station move from Washington state to Hawaii may not square with your plans for a similar relocation.

Bugge, a Navy chief who recently received his commission as a limited duty officer, bought a 36-foot boat just months before finding out he’d be changing duty stations. When it came time to move, he set sail with a small crew and moved the boat himself; learn more about his three-week journey here.

Bugge’s wife, Ashley, explained that the Defense Department even kicked in a few bucks toward the effort, albeit indirectly: The Bugges made a personally procured move, and because the boat is considered a household good (instead of a means of transit), it was part of the PPM reimbursement process.

“Countless times, we heard this has never been done before,” Ashley told Military Times regarding the nautical portion of their PPM paperwork.

Not up for sailing your boat to your new destination? Check out U.S. Transportation Command’s guidelines for dimensions, rules for trailers and other details on vessel relocation here.

Kevin Lilley is the features editor of Military Times.

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