Saving America’s military edge will take money — and new ideas, Dunford says
The U.S. military needs Congress to provide sustained defense spending to maintain its eroding military edge — but also needs to start innovating, its top uniformed officer said Saturday.
Army identifies soldier killed in tactical vehicle rollover
Pfc. Jacob Casebolt, 21, died Nov. 8 of injuries from a vehicle rollover at Fort Hood.
The Army is extending recruiters’ orders by two months ... to ask them if they want an extension
The Army is offering $1,500 a month for current recruiters to tack an extra year onto their tours, in a scramble to get the recruiting force manned at 100 percent for the new year.
‘All hell broke loose’ — ambushed Marine carried wounded to safety, fired at the enemy with his free arm
“There was no one out, nothing moving” before “all hell broke loose.”
Trump expresses regret for not visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day
Trump said his travel schedule and official business stopped him from attending.
The Texas Guardsman arrested at the border for sexual assault was fired last year by county sheriff
A National Guard member arrested on a sexual assault charge while serving on the U.S.-Mexico border lost his job as a county jailer last year after being arrested for drunken driving and allegedly lying to investigators.
Father of soldier killed in Niger asks the Army not to punish the Green Beret officer who led the mission
The father of Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, an Army Green Beret killed in the October 2017 Niger ambush, has authored a letter asking the Army not to punish the Green Beret captain who led the mission.
National Guard soldier arrested, charged with smuggling Mexican nationals into US
The National Guardsman was arrested Nov. 10 near San Diego when his car was stopped just north of the U.S.-Mexico border.
Iowa National Guard soldiers told to return overpaid wages
Some continued receiving active-duty pay or entitlements after their active duty ended, an official says.
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