This badass professor hired mercenaries to rescue a college student from an ISIS war zone
Some educators genuinely care about their pupils, but this Swedish professor went above and beyond.
Alleged victim testifies in rape case against Army sexual assault prosecutor
The defense for Capt. Scott Hockenberry presented motions Monday at a pre-trial hearing.
Army and special operations snipers put new ghillie suit to the test
The new suit would replace the existing setup, which is rarely used by snipers, who often make their own suits.
Army picks two companies to build prototypes for a new cannon-toting vehicle to back up infantry
Prototypes are expected in just over a year. The first units will get them in 2025.
Erdogan: Positive answers in call with Trump, but says Turkey could act against US-backed Syrian Kurds ‘anytime’
Turkey’s leader said Monday he received “positive answers” from President Donald Trump on the situation in northeastern Syria, where Turkey has threatened to launch a new operation against American-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters.
Flynn sentencing abruptly postponed; judge states disgust
A federal judge abruptly postponed the sentencing of President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, on Tuesday, saying he could not hide his disgust for Flynn’s crime of lying to the FBI and warning that he could send the retired Army lieutenant general to prison.
Have you decided which Army retirement plan you want? Time’s running out to make a choice.
Soldiers have until Dec. 31 to decide whether they want to start saving for retirement with a new military system.
Shutdown less likely as White House says it will look elsewhere for border wall funds
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News Tuesday that the administration was exploring alternatives for border wall funding to avoid a government shutdown.
Trump signs order to create US Space Command
The goal is to set up a command to oversee and organize space operations, accelerate technical advances and find more effective ways to defend U.S. assets in space.
VA left millions for suicide prevention unspent, report finds
Millions of dollars set aside for suicide prevention outreach in fiscal 2019 went unused, and public awareness campaigns disappeared from national media.
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