Pentagon chief: Military housing dollars unlikely to be diverted to border wall
To shift military construction money to border use, Acting Secretary Shanahan must link use to military need.
Two Golden Knights still hospitalized after Army parachuting accident
One soldier has been released while two more remain in critical condition.
White House promises using military funds to build Trump’s border wall won’t hurt force readiness
About $3.6 billion in military construction funds will be reassigned to the border wall project under Trump's emergency order.
Troops do not view immigration as a ‘national emergency.’ Not even close.
Both immigration and Mexico itself were perceived as relatively small threats compared to more pressing concerns like cyberterrorism, Russia and China.
This new Army app lets soldiers access personnel records on their phones
National Guardsmen in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. can now download the mobile pay app.
Retaliation against military families who speak up about housing will meet with ‘swift action,’ senators warn
Families have reported attempts to silence them after they complained about unsafe conditions.
Alaska governor offers use of National Guard troops along US-Mexico border
Alaska is about 3,000 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, but the state’s new Republican governor is offering President Donald Trump the use of the Alaska National Guard to patrol it, the Anchorage Daily News reports.
Former Army Secretary John Marsh laid to rest in Virginia
Former Secretary of the Army John Marsh Jr. was laid to rest Friday at a Civil War battlefield in Virginia where he developed a love for history and the military.
Georgia soldier comes home from Afghanistan after daughter’s sudden death
Gabriel Santos lost his daughter Loriana on Feb. 9 after she suffered a seizure stemming from Dravet syndrome.
What’s next in Syria? Here are 10 takeaways.
The US and coalition forces feel a 'moral responsibility' to make sure the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as other top priorities, are protected.
Hundreds of vets are suing over these defective combat earplugs
Hundreds of veterans are filing lawsuits against a government contractor that manufactured and sold defective combat earplugs to the U.S. military that didn’t maintain a tight seal and allowed dangerous sound to slip through, unbeknownst to the wearer.
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