A West Point cadet died in a skiing accident in February. A judge just ruled his parents can use his frozen sperm
The parents of a 21-year-old West Point cadet fatally injured in a skiing accident can use his frozen sperm to produce a child, a judge ruled while noting potential ethical considerations.
Untethered shooting trainers, reconfigurable air and ground simulators, and the next level of virtual training
The marksmanship trainer is already with some units, and advanced vehicle and aircraft simulators are planned for 2021.
Younger troops would be barred from buying tobacco products under new plan
Sens. Mitch McConnell and Tim Kaine are pushing the plans in an effort to curb teenage tobacco use.
This is what the Army is considering as a fitness test for injured soldiers
The Army will start evaluating a modified version of its forthcoming physical fitness test in the next few weeks.
Funeral planned for soldier who died in non-combat incident in Afghanistan
Spc. Miguel Lorenzo Holmes will be remembered at a service on Tuesday.
White House considers pardons for troops facing war crime accusations
President Donald Trump may grant clemency to the service members as early as this weekend, to mark Memorial Day.
Does this futuristic concept for a high-speed gunship borrow from the past?
Boeing's concept for a high-speed gunship looks similar to a helicopter that first flew in 1967, some have noted.
Virginia town remembers the high price paid on D-Day
Twenty men from Bedford or the surrounding area were killed on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Urine sample odor that prompted evacuation of VA medical center was actually vinegar
An A for determination, perhaps, on the part of the veteran. A staggering F, however, for execution.
Supreme Court rejects bid to overturn prohibition on military malpractice cases
Justice Clarence Thomas blasted the decision as a mistake by the courts that deprives service members of justice.
Iraqi Shiite figures warn US-Iran war could ‘burn’ Iraq
On Monday, two influential Shiite clerics and a leading politician — all with close ties to Iran — warned that Iraq could once again get caught in the middle of any conflict.
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