The Army is now allowing a select group of soldiers to be promoted before they complete their required professional military education.
Thomas continuously maneuvered during the fight under a barrage of small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire to engage the enemy and clear a path for the convoy.
The Army's end strength showed no net gain in 2018, after the service missed its recruiting goal by 6,500.
Navy ships are the most dangerous, according to new Pentagon study ranking installations on risk of assault.
Two staff sergeants from the 1st Armored Division have taken top honors at the 2018 Best Medic Competition.
In fiscal 2019, total VA spending will exceed $200 billion for the first time.
Growing up with a Marine father impacted the metal star's approach to music and every other facet of his life.
Remains of Army Master Sgt. Charles H. McDaniel, 32, and Pfc. William H. Jones, 19, will now be reunited with their families.
The president on Thursday labeled a congressional deal on military spending as ridiculous.
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