Army Cyber Command major jailed on federal child porn charge
An Army officer who held a top-secret security clearance shared nude photos of a teenage girl online and discussed plans to drug the girl and have sex with her, according to federal court records unsealed Monday.
Trump to attend annual Army-Navy game
The president last attended the football contest in 2016, shortly before his inauguration.
NORTHCOM increases base force protection measures in wake of 2 deadly base shootings
In an emailed statement to Military Times, NORTHCOM said it has directed its facilities and units “to immediately assess force protection measures and implement increased random security measures appropriate for their facilities.”
Afghanistan war metrics were manipulated to highlight battlefield success, according to bombshell WaPo report
Sopko told the Washington Post that the documents it obtained showed “the American people have constantly been lied to” about the state and progress of the conflict.
Sham marriage scheme between soldiers and foreign nationals ends in sergeant’s conviction
He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.
West Point removes motto from Army football spirit flag
The United States Military Academy at West Point removed a motto from a spirit flag used by the school’s football team because of its connection to hate groups.
Military medical malpractice victims could see payouts from Defense Department under new compromise
The move would not undo the controversial Feres Doctrine, but would provide compensation for some families.
New housing protections, PFAS limits included in defense policy measure
The massive policy bill is expected to pass through Congress in the next few days.
Military families in line for tens of thousands in benefits under plan to dump the ‘widows tax’
The provision is part of the massive defense authorization bill compromise unveiled Monday night.
Senior enlisted leaders react to Afghanistan papers: ‘I’ve never been lied to’
Both the current and next top Pentagon enlisted advisers weigh in on the Afghanistan papers.
North Korea believed to test new rocket engine to provoke US
A day after North Korea said it had performed a “very important test” at its long-range rocket launch site, there is wide speculation that it involved a new engine for either a space launch vehicle or a long-range missile.
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