U.S. officials say a career special operations soldier has been chosen as the next commander of U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Blast from weapons may be causing TBI that's hard to diagnose.
Black Rifle approached Pastrana with the idea after others told them it was too crazy.
Defense secretary stops short of banning smart devices in the building after a security breach in January prompted a review.
Both deployments are part of regular rotations in support of Iraq’s Operation Inherent Resolve and Afghanistan’s Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.
The move will mean almost $700 more annually for even the most junior servicemembers.
America's best weapons now rely on parts from an increasingly shrinking industrial base — and in some cases, is totally reliant on Chinese-made materials.
From the POW Crawl to the dreaded X-Mile Run, combat engineers pushed it to the limit, says a spectator — and Sapper dad — who tells this story of guts and glory.
The Corps is cutting manpower in the infantry squad: from 13 Marines down to 12.
The Trump administration’s revamped Afghanistan strategy has made little progress against the Taliban insurgency, leaving the country a “dangerous and volatile” place nearly 17 years after the U.S. invaded, a government watchdog report said Monday.
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