Here’s what’s happening to your military housing allowance in 2020
Housing allowances are increasing, on average, across the board.
No new foreign military students allowed in the US until better checks, says DoD spokesman
No new international military students will come to the United States for training until new screening procedures are in place, the Pentagon said Thursday in the wake of the deadly shooting last week by a Saudi Arabian aviation trainee at a Florida Navy base.
These two soldiers may still get Medal of Honor upgrades
The names of a Vietnam veteran and a soldier killed in the Iraq War appeared in the National Defense Authorization Act this week.
US military releases photos showing Bagram Air Base damage following brazen Taliban assault
A source on the ground detailed to Military Times that a firefight between the Taliban and Afghan and U.S. forces lasted nine to 10 hours.
Advocacy group takes on latest case - Army staff sergeant convicted in Afghan massacre
The staff sergeant murdered at least 16 Afghans in an hours-long killing spree.
Could mild brain injuries be affecting good order and discipline? The Pentagon wants to find out.
The Pentagon is studying how blast exposure affects service members' health.
National Museum of African American History to display temporary exhibit on WWI’s impact on African Americans
Retired Army Col. Krewasky Salter curated the exhibit, titled “We Return Fighting: The African American Experience in World War I."
Pentagon watchdog investigating $400M border wall contract
The Defense Department’s internal watchdog is investigating a $400 million border wall contract awarded to a firm that used multiple appearances on Fox News to push for the job.
Arctic threats, water shortages and rising conflicts: Climate change will require military responses
Experts told Congress climate change will impact military operations.
Are Afghan forces beating the Taliban in 2019? The Pentagon won’t say.
Rosy metrics provided by the U.S. military regarding progress of the Afghan war have been questionable in the past.
New law would require Pentagon to identify all burn pit locations
New defense policy bill also seeks to shut down any remaining burn pit waste disposal sites.
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