For comparison, Trump cancelled $14 million South Korea exercises because they "cost a fortune."
Iraq War veteran Chris Sheppard fumed as he watched President Trump's joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.
Army Guard and Reserve: It just got easier to buy your new OCPs.
If the issue isn't fixed, investigators warn, it could cost taxpayers more than $100 million in the next five years.
The U.S. Army has reversed its decision to discharge an immigrant reservist who sued when he was booted from the military last month after enlisting with a promised path to citizenship, according to court filings and his attorney.
Nearly 222,000 troops have chosen the new Blended Retirement System.
'Alcohol is alcohol,' writes an official with the Distilled Spirits Council (and a former commissary bagger).
Finbar Charles pleaded guilty to facilitating millions of dollars in bribes to U.S. Army officials for preferential treatment during the Iraq War.
The Army needs more money in fiscal 2018 and is asking Congress to let it reprogram funding from elsewhere in its budget.
The new kit will help soldiers more rapidly repair damage to airfields and runways in austere conditions.
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