Trump says troops could finish building border wall
Troop deployment to the Mexico border has raised questions about improper use of armed forces.
Retired Army 2-star arrested in Virginia on rape, incest charges that were dismissed by military judge
He is being held without bond and has a hearing scheduled for Dec. 21.
Screaming Eagles to move monument honoring 256 soldiers, crew killed in the largest single loss in 101st Airborne history
The monuments will be moved to a new site and new trees will be planted to honor the fallen.
Report: Green Beret’s reprimand rescinded after Mattis pushes DoD to revisit punishments for Niger ambush
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was reportedly livid over the possibility that a junior officer who survived the 2017 Nniger ambush would face punishment, while senior leaders would escape blame.
Some US troops on the border to leave this week; about 3,000 will stay
The border mission has less need now for some of the troops' specialties.
US military returns 3 disputed bells taken from Philippines as spoils of war
American troops took the bells in 1901 after machete-wielding Filipinos killed 48 U.S. troops in one of the U.S. Army's worst single-battle losses of that era.
Remains of WWII Army private return home to Tennessee
Officials say the remains of an Army infantryman who went missing during World War II have been identified and they are being returned home to Tennessee.
Iraq celebrates victory over ISIS while grappling with legacy
Iraq began removing cement walls from areas surrounding the capital’s most fortified enclave Monday, opening parts of the so-called Green Zone to traffic in a symbolic move coinciding with nationwide celebrations marking the anniversary of the country’s costly victory over the Islamic State group.
Trump changes his mind again on military spending, now wants a big boost next year
The president is expected this week to announce plans for $750 billion in fiscal 2020 military spending, a huge jump from previous targets.
After soldier’s death, Army Guard investigates training, equipment provided to deploying EOD unit
Sgt. James Slape, a soldier with the North Carolina National Guard’s 430th Ordnance Company, died Oct. 4 in Helmand province, Afghanistan, from an improvised explosive device.
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