The Army announced Wednesday the names of active component and Active Guard Reserve soldiers moving up next month.
Soldiers have until June 5 to update their paperwork to avoid losing money from their allowance.
The clock is ticking as the U.S. Army measures how rapidly it can replace thousands of troops and equipment under Operation Atlantic Resolve in eastern Europe and the Baltics.
The Distinguished Service Cross was awarded to a former soldier who had single-handedly charged an enemy machine gun nest .
U.S. officials say a career special operations soldier has been chosen as the next commander of U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Provisions for new community care rules and caregiver stipend expansion won't happen overnight.
The withdrawn invite follows a directive by the Pentagon to remove Chinese cellphones, other devices from exchanges over espionage fears.
Is the department's system of regional middle managers the next item on Congress' chopping block?
Blast from weapons may be causing TBI that's hard to diagnose.
The move will mean almost $700 more annually for even the most junior servicemembers.
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