Gatorz: Adjustability

Military grade, adjustable aluminum is just one of the factors that contributes to Gatorz being the most elite eyewear available. Whether on the front lines, or free falling, our customers demand and deserve the best. Creating a comfortable and secure fit allows for the optimum performance. Strength and durability are at the core of each pair of Gatorz. Every pair comes with a hassle free warranty that we’re proud to stand behind.

As a company, Gatorz focuses on delivering the highest quality products built to perform at the highest levels. We accept nothing less than the best, and constantly strive to improve our products in every way, every day. All Gatorz sunglasses are manufactured in our state of the art facility located in Yuma, AZ, through our patented 22 step manufacturing process. Each and every frame is hand tested and goes through a rigorous multi-point quality inspection process to ensure user satisfaction and support. Gatorz is built on quality, fueled by passion, and driven by excellence.

We proudly offer Military Discounts.