IHG® Army Hotels Comanche House – Historia Collection

Each of the brands within the IHG Army Hotels portfolio is tailored to the specific needs of the military traveler. But one brand stands apart as not only a comfortable place to stay, but a rich celebration of our military heritage: the Historia Collection. These select IHG Army Hotels buildings, chosen for their historical significance to the Army, the post and the nation, offer elevated guest experiences with unique décor and features to make every stay memorable. While they have been renovated to provide all the modern conveniences our guests have come to expect, we have been incredibly careful to preserve the historic character of the buildings, going so far as to include up-to-date fixtures and furnishings throughout that complement the buildings’ original design.

A Look Inside

One of the most incredible aspects of the Historia Collection is that each location is unique, serving as a reflection and celebration of its post’s unique military heritage. So, to give you a better look at our buildings, keep reading about a few of them to see what makes them so special.

Wainwright Hall on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Wainwright Hall is a venerable two-story, 108-year-old brick structure that was opened just a few years before Orville Wright’s exhibition flights were made at an airfield on Fort Myer, in 1908 and 1909. Built in 1906, Wainwright Hall was originally the bachelor officers’ quarters and was named in honor of Colonel Jonathan Mayhew “Skinny” Wainwright, who served as the commanding officer of Fort Myer and of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment from 1936 to 1938. Wainwright Hall is part of the Fort Myer Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Yeomans Hall on Fort Knox

Because of its rich historical significance, this building is part of the Fort Knox Cantonment Historic District and a part of the IHG Army Hotels’ Historia Collection. This building’s distinguished name is attributed to an Army hero from World War II, LTC Prentice Edward “Iron Mike” Yeomans, Cdr. 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, who was killed in action on April 18, 1945, near Dessau, Germany during the Battle of the Bulge. Influenced by Georgian Colonial Revival architecture, Yeomans Hall has original clay tile shingles, red brick motif, and original windows while still being equipped with all the modern amenities expected in the 21st century.

Bronson Hall on Joint Base Lewis-McChord

This building’s honorable name is attributed to First Lieutenant Deming Bronson, who was a member of the “Wild West” 91st Division during World War I. On November 19, 1929, he received the Medal of Honor for inspirational gallantry and self-sacrifice from multiple life-threatening wounds sustained in battle. With over 75 years of history, this building was first established as Bachelor Officers’ Quarters in 1943, and, following World War II, it became Senior Officers’ Quarters. Bronson Hall houses 18 distinguished visitors’ suites and the two-bedroom George Bush Presidential Suite; entitled in honor of his visit in 2004.

At Historia Collection hotels, guests enjoy special amenities such as upgraded linens and towels, luxury bath items and more. Many of these hotels offer made-to-order breakfast; an exclusive offering above and beyond our regular hot breakfast.

These are just a few of the amazing and inspiring locations within the Historia Collection: we encourage you to check out this legendary collection by planning a visit to the posts above or one of the following:

  • Washington Hall, Ashburn Hall, Pratt Hall on Carlisle Barracks
  • Foulois House and Sam Houston House on Joint Base San Antonio
  • Otis Hall & Custer House on Fort Leavenworth
  • Waters & Bacon Halls on Fort Riley
  • Comanche House on Fort Sill
  • Building 109, Beat Navy House on West Point

At IHG, we’re proud to celebrate and preserve our posts’ military heritage while offering our guests the same service and stay experience as in all of our hotels.

Lendlease is the owner, design-builder, asset manager, and the exclusive developer for the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) portfolio, the Department of Defense’s only lodging privatization program. IHG Hotel & Resorts is the hotel operator and manager of IHG Army Hotels.