Editor’s note: These stories were produced by the Department of Defense and published here as part of a partnership with Military Times.

CMSgt (Ret) Louis Orrie medically retired from the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command in 2016 after thirty years of service. During his extensive career, Orrie worked in various roles, from PaveLow and PaveHawk Gunner to Instructor and Loadmaster for multiple aircraft, eventually retiring as the Command Functional Manager. Orrie spent over ten of his thirty years deployed in support of numerous operations and contingencies, gaining a wealth of knowledge through his experiences.

Regardless of where Orrie went, one nickname stuck with him, “Mr. Fix It.” Orrie earned this nickname because of his ability to take a challenging team and turn them into a functional and effective asset for their unit. Through his dedication and leadership, Orrie made a difference for his unit and his Airmen. This same dedication makes Orrie a valued member of Team SOCOM.

After retirement, Orrie, like many of his brothers and sisters, was still recovering from his injuries and the nineteen surgeries he had endured, which left him struggling to find a purpose in life again. Orrie was searching for ways to reconnect and found the Military Adaptive Sports team for SOCOM’s Warrior Care Program.

“Being a part of a team again, specifically Team SOCOM, has been therapeutic,” Orrie said. It has helped him find his purpose again and connect with other Service Members with similar challenges and experiences. Like many of our athletes, Orrie enjoys the thrill of competing and pushing himself to do his best, but that’s not his favorite part. The connections with his teammates and fellow athletes mean the most. “It’s amazing what the camaraderie will do when I am having one of my dark days and how it changes my outlook,” Orrie said.

Orrie believes that organizations like the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program, adaptive sports, and events like the DoD Warrior Games are essential to any Service Member’s recovery and rehabilitation process, whether they are on active duty or a veteran.

Orrie will be representing Team SOCOM, for a second time, during the DoD Warrior Games, and he is honored to be competing alongside his fellow teammates in archery, air pistol, air rifle, and sitting volleyball. He hopes to bring home a medal or two and, more importantly, show others that they are not alone and are always a part of SOCOM for life!


Archery, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, and Sitting Volleyball