The Army is looking for a new tagline, and everyone’s got something to say.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey told reporters last week that the more than decade-old ‘Army Strong’ slogan could be on the outs as the service seeks to revamp the way it brands itself to potential recruits.

There are no replacements in store yet, but here are seven of the most popular suggestions from Army Times readers.

1. Go with the motto

Don West says the Army’s next slogan is already in its arsenal.

2. Bring back the oldies

For many people, the ‘80s had it right.

3. Appeal to the new kid

Could the Army ride on the coattails of the military’s newest branch?

4. Keep track of the paperwork

Slogans are often printed on paper, after all.

5. Be realistic

Because slogans so often lead to overblown expectations.

6. Stay the course

Although Army Marketing may not like it, there’s some love for ‘Army Strong.’

7. Focus on the big fish

And the most popular response of all: can we get back to work now?

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