Three years after a soldier was found shot to death in her home, her husband — a fellow soldier — is standing trial to face federal charges.

Army Sgt. Maliek Kearney, 37, is charged with a federal crime of traveling across state lines to commit domestic violence resulting in a death, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Kearney, who was stationed at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, faces as much as life in prison if he’s convicted, the newspaper reported.

Pfc. Karlyn Ramirez, stationed at Fort Meade in Maryland, was found dead in her home on Aug. 25, 2015. Kearney and Ramirez were married but separated, and Kearney had a girlfriend who pleaded guilty in 2017 to helping him kill his wife.

Kearney’s girlfriend, Dolores Delgado, gave him a gun and her car as she stayed in his apartment with his phone to establish an alibi, prosecutors said in 2017.

Delgado helped Kearney dispose of the gun afterward.

“Delgado also purchased large gas cans for Kearney to take with him to Maryland so that he would not have to stop and risk being seen,” according to her plea agreement, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Police divers recovered the gun, and forensics testing determined the gun was used to shoot Ramirez.

The soldier was due in federal court in Baltimore on Monday.

Kearney and Ramirez had a 5-month-old daughter, who was discovered unharmed next to Ramirez’s body, Stars and Stripes reported at the time.

Prosecutors said Ramirez had a protective order through the Army that prohibited Kearney from contacting her, the Baltimore Sun reported.

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