Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about both a literal and figurative misfire here.

The civilian version of the Army’s brand new handgun, the one it’s committed to for 10 years and $580 million, and the one the Marine Corps may also end up buying, is reportedly having trouble with firing when it’s not supposed to.

At least two police departments suspended use of their Sig Sauer P320 sidearm, citing “drop performance” problems. One officer even filed a federal lawsuit, claiming his holstered weapon fell, hit the ground and misfired, hitting him in the back of the leg.

Sig Sauer is offering police departments voluntary upgrades to resolve the problem, but said the Army’s handgun, which includes “a number of enhancements,” is not affected.

Yet the Army and Sig Sauer have both refused to publicly say how the Army’s handgun is any different than its civilian counterpart — and how it’s safe enough to be issued to thousands of soldiers in the coming months.

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