Apple is spotlighting an app created by a veterans-owned start-up team in Virginia that is helping thousands of young people transition into the military.

Sandboxx, featured on Apple’s iTunes app store on Veterans Day, helps to connect recruits, trainees and deployed service members to their friends and family back home during basic training and deployments.

Sandboxx is a web and mobile platform that bridges the gap between modern social media and the military’s traditional mail call with a service that lets family and friends type a message on a phone or desktop computer and have that message immediately converted into a physical letter that is promptly delivered to military installations worldwide.

Sandboxx also offers programs to help recruiters communicate with prospects and helps prepare recruits from all branches for basic training through content delivered in the weeks before they enter the military.

Founded by Marine Corps veterans Sam Meek and retired Maj. Gen. Ray “E-Tool” Smith.

For Veterans Day weekend, Apple’s app store is featuring Sandboxx with a post about Patrick Bellor, a single father from California who used Sandboxx to send letters of support and encouragement to his son, James, throughout the trials of his 13 weeks at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Their story showcases how Sandboxx helps to support the military community, and keep our recruits, trainees and service members strong and focused.

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