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Beginning Jan. 1, pPromotion points for sergeants and staff sergeants are no longer will be awarded for completing completion of NCO Education System courses.

The change as of Jan. 1 was prompted by new policies that further link promotion eligibility to graduation from the various courses of NCOES.

The new system, called Select-Train-Educate-Promote, or STEP, will be implemented gradually over the next two years beginning in January with the fielding of a revised Promotion Point Worksheet.

Simultaneous with the point changes, the Basic Leader Course (previously the Warrior Leader Course) becomes a requirement for pin-on to sergeant, and the Advanced Leader Course a requirement for pin-on to staff sergeant.

The Army will retain an 800-point format for the worksheet, but will eliminate points for NCOES courses, as these are now promotion requirements for sergeant and staff sergeant.

Under the previous system, promotable specialists could earn 80 points for completing completion of the Warrior Leader Course, and an additional 12 points for making the class commandant’s list, and 24 points for being named the distinguished honor graduate.

Promotable sergeants could earn 90 points for completion of Advanced Leader Course, and an additional 11 points if they made the commandant's list, and 22 points if named the distinguished honor grad.

As shown in the accompanying chart, tThe points eliminated for completing completion of the NCOES courses have been redistributed and provide increased totals for physical fitness, marksmanship, civilian education and foreign language proficiency. See the chart for the details. 

Soldiers who demonstrate academic excellence while attending the NCOES courses will still receive extra points for making the commandant's list or being named the distinguished honor graduate.

The Army also has eliminated the points (60 maximum for sergeant, and 90 maximum for staff sergeant) that were available for combat experience.

This sub-category of "Military Training" was added to the worksheet during the force buildup for Afghanistan and Iraq when many soldiers were unable to add points for certain military and civilian education achievements because of their operational duties.

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