At Amazon, we continue to realize the importance of recruiting and hiring veterans and military spouses in full and part-time roles across the U.S. We currently employ 45,000 veterans out of which 15,000 are either women veterans or military spouses. We are committed to supporting the military community and continue to hire veterans and military spouses to help build the future at Amazon.

As John Quintas, Director of Global Military Affairs and 29-year Air Force veteran states: “Veterans bring unique value to every team at Amazon because they understand teamwork, selflessness and have valuable experience leading diverse teams in challenging environments. They jump right into our culture and make an impact. From building training programs that help veterans and military spouses gain in-demand skills, to empowering veteran entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, we’re proud to continue supporting the military community.”

At Amazon Operations, women veterans take on leadership roles including that of Operations Manager. Here’s the Amazon story of Dymon Boeckmann an Operations Manager at a fulfillment center in Las Vegas.


I spent seven years as an Officer in the Army. In 2019, I made the decision to leave active duty and enter the civilian world. After four years at West Point and seven years in the Army managing and leading Soldiers in Europe and the U.S., I knew that my civilian career was in management. Management is a very broad term to some, but to me it means planning, organizing and leading. Ultimately, a great manager is someone who can develop and lead a group of people to successfully accomplish a mission. Management cannot be automated, it cannot be faked, it is raw and real, there is nothing like it, and every company requires it. I needed to decide where I wanted to manage. After spending most of my life in one of the largest and most important organizations in the country, Amazon was the first company to come to mind.

A friend, who is a West Point classmate and Area Manager at Amazon, recommended that I apply to Amazon’s Military Pathways program. Soon after my application was received, I was welcomed to the Amazon family by a former Army Officer and comforted by the helpful contacts within the program . This was during period of my life when I was reluctant to change and unsure of how different civilian life would be from the Army. Amazon champions diversity and wants former military, female leaders, and people of various ethnicities and backgrounds to staff their organizations. This was clear to me during my transition to civilian life, and it is still clear to me today. I let out a sigh of relief during my decision to enter into this new company. I felt a sense of comfort, similar to the feeling of being around close family, similar to how I felt in the Army. I wanted to spend my time in an organization which had my best interest at heart, cared about my development and well-being, and was united under one mission. I have been at Amazon for one year and was recently promoted to Senior Operations Manager. I will soon manage over 1,000 associates and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have our busy months, like other companies, but I am able to enjoy time with my family and explore personal interests when not at work.

Amazon wants to hire managers with past military experience for many reasons. Amazon wants leaders and they want people who led in difficult and unique situations. Managing in a fulfillment center is no different than managing a group of soldiers on base, or in the field. Yes, our associates handle boxes, stow, pack, and load trucks. And although these jobs differ from military work, each associate needs a manager who cares about them and will serve as their leader. Also, each fulfillment center requires a manager who is able to understand the mission of the area and building, in order to deliver for our customers. I look forward to continuing my management career at Amazon, and I’m proud to say I work here and cannot recommend it enough to my former military classmates, friends, and family.

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