In the heart of Las Vegas, during Veterans Day weekend, a remarkable gathering is beginning to form. MCON 2023 is an epic celebration for veterans and those who stand by them.

Here’s a quick lineup of some speakers coming to MCON this year!

Phyllis Wilson: A Trailblazer and Advocate

Chief Warrant Officer Five Phyllis Wilson served 37 years in the Army, breaking barriers and making history as the most senior Warrant Officer in the entire United States Army Reserve. Her journey led her to become a vital member of the Executive Team managing an organization of more than 200,000 personnel. She’s a registered nurse, holds multiple degrees, and is a recognized leader in the military community.

Phyllis Wilson is the President of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, an organization dedicated to honoring the 3 million women who have defended America. Her relentless advocacy for veterans’ rights and her trailblazing career inspire all who hear her story.

Melissa Hawkins: Enhancing Human Potential

Melissa Hawkins’ legacy is one of optimizing the human mind, body, and spirit for greatness. As a seasoned Physical Therapist, she specialized in sports medicine and orthopedic trauma. Her career took an extraordinary turn when she served in the Marine Corps Reserve, where she became the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Human Performance Branch.

Now, Melissa works with the Optimizing the Human Weapon System program, reshaping how we approach the future fight. Her commitment to the well-being and performance of military personnel has made her a true advocate for human performance optimization.

Joshua Smith: A Marine on a Mission

As a former Marine, Joshua Smith’s journey through military service and the post-service transition was transformative. Working within the Veteran Benefits Administration (VA), he witnessed the inefficiencies in the VA’s disability claims system.

Determined to make a difference, Joshua founded the Veteran Benefits Guide (VBG) to provide veterans with the support they deserve. He aims to expedite the VA claim process, ensuring veterans receive their rightful benefits. Joshua’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the determination to leave no veteran behind.

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri: A Beacon of Inspiration

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri is a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist, a former professional ballet dancer, and a Freedom Rhythm: E-motion Focused Movement creator. Her unique journey combines her passion for dance and neuroscience to inspire awakened living.

As an Air Force Veteran and the first woman to publish a faith-based combat recovery book, “Peace After Combat,” Dr. Tiffany is a beacon of hope for veterans seeking to harness the power of their minds. Her commitment to inspiring people to create a life they love is truly inspirational.

Eric Bartell: Committed to Excellence

Erik Bartell is a husband, father, and entrepreneur. Before co-founding the military energy brand Echelon, he spent five years as an infantry officer in the US Army, leading stateside and overseas troops. As a Men’s Health trainer and advisor to top fitness publications and brands, he has built a diverse resume within the fitness industry.

His passions revolve around family, service, fitness, and building mission-driven brands and communities (usually simultaneously).

Join the Journey of Inspiration

MCON 2023 brings together a diverse group of speakers, each with a unique resilience journey, advocacy, and transformation journey. Their stories are a source of inspiration for veterans and those who stand by them.

Join us at MCON 2023 in Las Vegas from November 10-12. Hear these voices of inspiration firsthand, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover a community dedicated to empowering veterans and embracing change together.

Prepare to be inspired and join the journey of transformation at MCON 2023.