Why It Matters

Imagine a place where the very definition of “tribe” evolves, where veterans rediscover community in the modern world. Sponsored by Veterans Benefit Guide and Roger Bank, and featuring support from brands like American Legion, Stoned Ape, and Terra Arma, MCON 2023 is more than an event—it’s a journey of redefinition and empowerment.

A Tapestry of Allies

Picture this: A stage set against the dazzling backdrop of Las Vegas, where military veterans and thought leaders converge. The spotlight shines on speakers like Sebastian Junger and Nate Boyer, their words weaving a tapestry of collective experiences that span service, sacrifice, and new beginnings.

The Evolving Tribe

John Wayne Troxell leans into the microphone. “Your tribe isn’t static,” he says, pausing for effect. “It evolves, just like you, as you step from the disciplined ranks of the military into the dynamic flow of civilian life.”

Beyond the Podium: A World of Experience

But MCON 2023 isn’t confined to the glow of the stage or the resonance of speeches. It spills over into interactive experiences that echo the diversity of military life. From testing your aim in a Bow Hunting Challenge to the high-energy MMA Workouts with MVP, the event is a playground of self-discovery and skill-honing.

Brands With a Mission

It’s not just about logos or sponsorship banners. Each brand brings something unique to the table. The Women Veterans Alliance offers a legacy of service, Echelon comes with specialized energy solutions, T-Mobile ensures everyone stays connected, and Regiment Gaming taps into the military’s gaming culture. They’re not just sponsors; they’re part of the tribe.

The Ripple Effect

“As the curtain falls on the last day, remember, this is just the beginning,” says Waco Hoover, Co-Founder and Partner of MCON. The conversations started here, the friendships forged, and the skills learned are designed to reverberate long after you’ve left the venue.

Your Story Starts Here

So mark your calendars for November 10-12 and set your sights on Las Vegas. With a rich tapestry of speakers, sponsors, and experiences, MCON 2023 isn’t just another event—it’s the next chapter in your story.