The Army ended fiscal 2015 with 491,365 soldiers assigned to the active component, nearly 17,000 fewer troopers than began the budget year starting Oct. 1, 2014.

The official headcount for 2015 is slightly above the 490,000 end strength set by Congress, but well within the .05 percent fudge factor allowed by lawmakers.

The official end strength figures from tabulated by the Defense Manpower Data Center show a Regular Army population of 317 general officers, 79,256 branch commissioned officers, 15,038 warrant officers, 392,327 enlisted soldiers and 4,428 West Point cadets.

The Army's reserve components had a combined strength of 466,281, with 350,023 soldiers serving in the Army National Guard and 198,552 in the Army Reserve.

Slightly more than 70,200 women are serving in the Regular Army, including 19 general officers, 14,506 branch commissioned officers, 1,423 warrant officers, 69,353 enlisted soldiers and NCOs, and 854 cadets.