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National Guard to resume September training

September weekend drills for Army National Guard soldiers are back on track after a $101 million shortfall forced multiple states to postpone their training.

The shortfall, which came in the final weeks of the fiscal year, stems in part from unexpectedly high costs related to training personnel. To fix the problem, the National Guard Bureau submitted to Congress a reprogramming request, in effect asking for permission to move existing money from one account to another.

The request was approved, and the states have been notified, said Maj. Earl Brown, a Guard spokesman, in a statement Friday.

"The funds have been made available to states for Army Guard drills in September," he said. "The reprogramming involved only FY14 funds which expire Sept. 30."

The budget shortfall was caused largely by fewer mobilizations, higher than planned training attendance and historically high pass rates at schools, Guard officials have said.

The last time the Guard had to reschedule their monthly drill was in October 2013, when the government shut down. Those postponed drills were rescheduled to later dates throughout the year across the force, officials said.

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