The Army has defined the procedures it will use in 2015 to reclassify or, if necessary, screen for separation, injured Regular Army soldiers who likely could not perform the duties of their military occupational specialty in an austere or field environment.

The MOS Administrative Retention Review, or MAR2, procedures have replaced the medical retention screenings previously used to determine if officers and enlisted soldiers can remain in their MOS, or should be reclassified or evaluated for separation.

The new procedures are conducted quickly, and normally are completed within a few weeks. The previous procedures took several months, and helped contribute to the huge medical processing backlogs that were common during the height of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Under MAR2, battalion commanders are notified by their supporting retention office when a soldier has been assigned a P3 or P4 profile by the local medical treatment facility.

The commander then has two weeks to recommend that a soldier be retained in his or her current MOS, be reclassified to another specialty or be referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System for separation processing.

The installation retention office will then forward the recommendation to the Retention and Reclassification Branch of the Human Resources Command, which will issue a decision no later than 14 days.

The HRC decision will be based on Army requirements and soldier preferences, and a determination of whether or not the soldier can meet the standards of performance stipulated by the proponent organization for their specialty, such as a branch service school.

Soldiers will be notified of the decision within 48 hours, and will have 10 days to appeal the MAR2 determination. Appeals cannot be based solely on a disagreement with the specialty or area of concentration proposed for reclassification, but on material error or missing documents from the MAR2 staffing packet.

Appeals, which will be processed through HRC's officer or enlisted directorate, as appropriate, do not require a commander's endorsement.

Enlisted soldiers who are pending a MAR2 decision will be assigned an immediate re-enlistment prohibition code of "92," and will not be eligible to re-enlist until a decision is rendered.