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Costs for high-performance Army PT gear

Soldier PT gear will continue its drastic makeover in 2015.

Over the next few years, more and more soldiers will work out in black threads with gold lettering. Touted highlights include lightweight moisture-wicking/quick-drying fabric, tag-less design, and better fit (including female-specific sizing).

The Army Physical Fitness Uniform has already begun appearing in stores, and the rollout will continue in the coming year. The estimated wear-out date for the current Improved Physical Fitness Uniform has been estimated at fall 2017, with mandatory possession of the APFU a year later.

The APFU drops reflective materials; that addresses stealth issues while working out in a war zone as well as cuts costs. PT belts can be used when better visibility is desired.

The Army will also offer an optional high-performance fabric. It will be lighter but less durable, appear the same, and cost more.

Optional gear costs are below (next to prices of the standard counterpart). Available now:

S/S T-Shirt: $17.95 (Regular version: $6.86)

L/S T-Shirt: $19.95 (Regular version: $8.35)

Trunks: $21.95 (Regular version: $16.41)

The new long-sleeved shirt no longer has a mock collar. It weighs less and is made of quick-drying materials.

Photo Credit: Army

Available December-February:

Unisex Jacket: $59.95 (Regular version: $51.42)

Unisex Pant: $48.95 (Regular version: $32.69)

Female Jacket: $59.95 (Regular version: $51.42)

Female Pants: $48.95 (Regular version: $33.37)

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