The "Rock of the Marne" has something to show the Russian bear.

More than 3,000 soldiers from the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, the Division Artillery and other units of the 3rd Infantry Division are set to begin a three-month deployment to Europe this March to support Operation Atlantic Resolve.

"3rd ID soldiers participating in Operation Atlantic Resolve demonstrates our unwavering commitment to peace and stability in the region," Task Force Marne commander Brig. Gen. Jim Blackburn said in a Tuesday news release.

Regional stability has been shaken with the implosion of the Ukraine and Russian intervention in that country's bloody conflict.

Atlantic Resolve is a joint services initiative intended to reassure European allies that America's 70-year-old commitment to the region is as strong as ever, through direct boots-on-ground training with European military forces and increasing the speed of NATO reinforcement capabilities.

"The deployment includes a vast array of partnered training exercises, and builds upon NATO's capacity through improved interoperability," Blackburn said.

Soldiers from 3rd ID will deploy to various European countries including Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

The 1st Brigade will act as the European Rotational Force and NATO Response Force, which works and trains with NATO allies to remain prepared for contingency operations within the European Command's area of responsibility.

"Rock of the Marne" equipment will also expand the European Activity Set, which refers to prepositioned vehicles and equipment in Germany for use in rotational training. Soldiers from 3rd ID will increase this from a battalion-sized combat unit to an entire armored brigade, including all enabling units such as signal communications, intelligence and maintenance.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is part of the $1 billion European Reassurance Initiative requested by President Barack Obama in June to step up American military involvement in Europe in the face of Russia's aggressive activities in the Ukraine and Crimea.

As part of this, 1st BCT will be responsible for the ERF/NRF mission through 2016, and is expected to deploy to Europe several times over the next two years.

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