A "help wanted" sign has been posted for an array of officer, warrant officer and enlisted assignments with the White House Communications Agency.

Soldiers assigned to the agency provide telecommunications support to the president, vice president, first lady, U.S. Secret Service and White House staff.

As a nominative command, the agency is responsible for meeting its own military personnel requirements.

In that regard, the WHCA is seeking top-quality soldiers in a variety of specialties who demonstrate superior military bearing and high moral character for nomination and assignment to these presidential support duties.

The target specialties for a recruitment drive announced by the Human Resources Command Feb. 27 are:

Commissioned officer – 25A (signal), 24A (telecommunications systems engineer), 42H (senior human resources officer), 53A (information systems management), and 90A (logistics).

Warrant officer – 255Z (senior network operations technician), 255S (information protection tech), 255N (network management tech), 255A (information services tech), 351L (counterintelligence tech), 420A (human resources tech), 920A (property accounting tech), 920B (supply systems tech), 948B (electronic systems maintenance warrant officer) and 948E (senior electronics maintenance warrant officer).

Enlisted soldiers – 12H (construction engineering supervisor), 12W (carpentry and masonry specialist), 25B (information technology specialist), 25C (radio-operator maintainer), 25E (electromagnetic spectrum manager), 25L (systems installer-maintainer), 25M (multimedia illustrator), 25N (nodal network systems operator-maintainer), 25P (microwave systems operator-maintainer), 25Q (multichannel transmission systems operator-maintainer), 25R (visual information equipment operator-maintainer),25S (satellite communication systems operator-maintainer), 25T (satellite/microwave systems chief), 25V (combat documentation/production specialist), 25W (telecommunications operations chief) and 25X (chief signal NCO).

Also, 35L (counterintelligence agent), 35P with RU (cryptologic linguist/Russian), 35Y (chief counterintelligence and human intelligence sergeant), 36B (financial management technician), 42A (human resources specialist), and 88M (motor transport operator), 91B (wheeled vehicle mechanic), 91D (power-generation equipment repairer), 91E (allied trades specialist), 92A (automated logistical specialist), 92Y (unit supply specialist), 94E (radio and communications security repairer), 94F (computer detection systems repairer), 94L (avionics communications repairer), 94W (electronic maintenance chief) and 94Z (senior electronic maintenance chief).

To qualify for presidential support duties, soldiers must be a U.S. citizen; be exceptionally well-qualified in their specialty; must exhibit a high degree of maturity, discretion and trustworthiness, and superior military bearing, neatness and manner; be in compliance with Army weight control standards, and have a minimum GT score of 110, although the latter requirement is waiverable to 100.

Enlisted soldiers must have two years' time in service in the ranks of specialist through master sergeant, and have at least 48 months' time remaining in service.

Interested officers and warrant officers should contact their branch career manager regarding eligibility.

The investigative requirements associated with such assignments are extensive and rigorous, as follows:

  • Soldiers must have a single scope background investigation, or SSBI, completed within 12 months before selection for presidential support duties.
  • SSBIs must be updated every five years for soldiers who have been continuously assigned to presidential support duties.
  • Soldiers designated for potential assignment will undergo a detailed security screening that will take nine to 12 months.Until completed, the Human Resources Command will place the soldier on hold.

Soldiers selected for an initial assignment will be required to complete a tax information disclosure form (a tax check waiver) and financial disclosure report.

Based on position and mission requirements, WHCA soldiers are eligible for special duty assignment pay ranging from $150 to $375 per month, and a civilian clothing allowance.

Soldiers assigned to these duties will earn the Presidential Service Identification Badge, and will have an opportunity to participate in college-level degree completion programs.

For details additional information and application procedures, go to access http://www.disa.mil/careers/whca.