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Applications open for White House social aide duty

The Army has issued a casting call for unmarried lieutenants, captains and majors who would like to pull occasional duty at the White House as a social aide.

ID=15655279Applicants must be assigned to the National Capitol Region, which includes such locations as the Pentagon, Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Fort Belvoir, Fort Myer and other Washington-area activities.

Officers with two or more years remaining on their National Capitol Region assignment, and who hold a top secret security clearance for access to sensitive compartmented information are preferred for these duties.

The rank and marital status requirements are not waiverable.

Army National Guard and Army Reserve officers are eligible to apply, provided they are serving in the Washington area on active duty.

Because this is a volunteer additional duty, applicants must be endorsed by their chain of command before being considered for the program. On average, selected officers will devote six to 15 hours per month during duty days, evenings and weekends on socialaide activities.

The socialaide program dates to the early 1900s and the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt. Aides, who are drawn from all the U.S. military services, typically help manage the guests who attend WhiteHousesocial functions that may range from an afternoon tea to a formal dinner for a visiting head of state.

The application deadline for Army processing is April 3. After that date, qualified applicants will be provided instructions for an interview with an Army selection panel at the Pentagon April 10.

Officers selected by the Army panel will then proceed to an interview by the White House staff.If selected, an officer will undergo additional security screening.The entire process from Army panel to the White House interview and screening takes six to nine months.

Interested officers should consult MilPer Message 15-07, dated March 9, for specific requirements and application procedures.

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