A Ruby Tuesday's server in Hawaii profanely lashed out at the entire military over an alleged stingy tip from a service member over the weekend, and the Facebook post created an Internet uproar.

In the heavily-circulated outburst, waiter Matt Heflin started off: "Next time some military piece of s--- leaves me a quarter on $60 tab I'm going to jail! F--- all those dumb uneducated motherf---ers. And f--- you uncle sam." His message also included "F--- THE MILITARY" in call caps.

On Tuesday, Nakashima said the server no longer worked for his restaurant, but would not elaborate.

Nakashima, after learning of the incident, wrote an apology on the Ruby Tuesday Hawaii Facebook page on Sunday:

"I am a partner in Ruby Tuesday Hawaii and have just been notified of one of my employees [sic] negative comments towards a Military guest. PLEASE accept my sincere apology and know that we appreciate all you do for us and your patronage. My father was a Captain in the USAF and I have the utmost respect for the Armed Forces. We will take immediate action on this employee. Thank You for your understanding."

"The most unfortunate thing for us is that the military is so very important to our health as a business. And I know what the military does for our country," Nakashima said.

He told Army Times his father died shortly after he was born, about a decade into his career in the Air Force. Before that, Nakashima said, his father had joined the Army in World War II, including service in the Battle of the Bulge.

"He enlisted for World War II because he and his buddies, my mom said, wanted to prove to America that they were loyal U.S. citizens," Nakashima said, expressing pride in his father and his service.

Online responses to Nakashima's apology have been overwhelmingly positive, and he hopes no irreparable damage has been done between his restaurants and the military community. He said he found it "absolutely unbelievable" that a bad tip led to the rant.

He also said it's the first time in his 11 years operating restaurants that he's had to deal with a social media explosion like this.

"I've been very fortunate not to have had anything like this blow up, ever," he said. "This will bring about some new rules in our handbook. We educate our workers to treat everyone as if they are in their own home. But when a situation like this happens, we need to sit down and take another look at everything."

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