The new menu of re-up bonuses announced by the Army in early January are now in effect for Regular Army enlisted soldiers who are in the fiscal 2016 re-enlistment window.

The Jan. 27 changes to the Tiered Selective Retention Bonus program include lump-sum cash incentives in more than 200 specialty, skill and career management field combinations.

Re-up bonuses for most soldiers who meet specialty and re-enlistment criteria range from $500 to $72,000 for service extensions of three to six years.

Under Army policy, enhanced bonus payments of up to $90,000 are available to certain soldiers with proficiency in priority languages.

The re-enlistment window for 2016 opens 15 months in advance of a soldier's expiration term of service (ETS), and closes 90 days before the end of the ETS.

The 2016 Regular Army retention mission is limited to soldiers whose re-up opportunity window occurs during the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

To qualify for an SRB, soldiers must meet the rank and specialty requirements identified in the payment chart.  Additionally, they must have at least 17 months of continuous active duty, but no more than 14 years of active federal service.