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Applications accepted for special ops master's program

Applications are being accepted for a 10-month master's degree program offered by the National Defense University for special operations officers, warrant officers and noncommissioned officers.

The fully accredited degree program will be conducted at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, beginning in August 2017.

The Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies program mirrors the Joint Special Operations Master of Arts course offered by NDU's College of International Security Affairs.

The degree curriculum includes a combination of theoretical and practical learning sessions, including seminar participation, independent study and research, and the writing of a thesis.

Officers who complete the program earn equivalent credit for Phase II (Advanced Operations Course) of Intermediate Level Education. To receive full credit for ILE, and the award of Military Education Level 4, officers must complete the common core phase of Intermediate Level Education.

The deadline for submitting applications to the Special Warfare Center and School is Nov. 4, 2016. Applications procedures are described in MilPer Message 16-040, which was issued by the Human Resources Command Feb. 4.

The basic zones of eligibility include soldiers who have an accredited undergraduate degree, and who are:

• Special Forces (AOC 18A) commissioned officers in year groups 2001-2007.

• Special Forces warrant officers (MOS 180A) in the ranks off promotable CW2 through CW4 who will have less than two years in grade when classes begin 2017.

• Civil affairs (AOC 38A) and psychological operations (AOC 37A) commissioned officers in year groups 2001-2007.

• Special operations (CMF 18, 37 and 38) NCOs in the ranks of staff sergeant and above who have completed the required military education courses for their grade and years of service, and who will have no more than 22 years of active federal service as August 2017.

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