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Sergeant major school, promotion board set for Sept. 7

A new generation of senior enlisted leaders will be selected by the annual sergeant major training and selection board that convenes Sept 7.

Master sergeants and first sergeants recommended by the board will attend the Sergeants Major Course for the purpose of promotion to sergeant major in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve component of the Active Guard and Reserve.

Most of the selectees will attend the 10-month resident SMC (Class 68) that begins in August 2017 at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Soldiers who already are graduates of the course, and who are selected for promotion by the board, will be assigned sequence numbers and promoted to E9 as vacancies occur in their military occupational specialty.

Class 68 soldiers will be frocked to sergeant major upon graduation from the SMC in June 2018. Subsequently they will be promoted to E9 when vacancies occur in their MOS.

The basic zone of consideration for the September board will include all RA and AGR master sergeants and first sergeants who are graduates of Structured Self-Development 4 (SSD-4), and who have E8 dates of rank of Sept. 8, 2014 and earlier.

The primary zone will include NCOs with dates of rank of Sept. 10, 2013, and earlier, and the secondary zone soldiers with DOR of Sept. 11, 2013 through Sept. 8, 2006.

Additionally, the Army requires that RA candidates have basic active service dates of Sept. 8, 1992 through Sept. 8, 2006.

Army Reserve (AGR) candidates must have basic dates of Sept. 8, 1992, and later; promotion eligibility basic dates of Sept. 6, and earlier, and dates of birth of Sept. 8, 1962, and later.

NCO evaluation reports submitted for this board must be received at the Human Resources Command by Aug. 26. Code 9 complete-the-record reports are authorized for soldiers who have served in their current duty position, and under the same rater, for 90 days.

The required "thru date" for Code 9 reports is May 28, 2016.

The online My Board File application will be available to zone-eligible NCOs Jun 9-Aug. 31. MBF can be accessed from the Human Resources Command homepage at

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