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Special Forces NCOs wanted for warrant officer jobs

Special Forces has requirements for warrant officers in several specialties, and the Army is offering big bucks to qualified noncommissioned officers who transition to the officer domain.

Under a program that complements the Critical Skills Retention Bonus program for retirement-eligible officers and NCOs in military occupational specialty 180A, the Army is soliciting warrant officer appointment applications from mid-career active-component Special Forces NCOs.

Budget documents submitted to Congress early this year indicate the Army will spend about $9.3 million on these bonuses in fiscal 2016.  Officials estimate that nearly 480 soldiers will apply for the retention incentive.

The accessions program is not open to members of the reserve components.

Applicants who successfully complete the six-week Warrant Officer Candidate Course and the follow-on Special Forces warrant officer technical and tactical certification course for MOS 180A, will receive $20,000.

The Critical Skills Warrant Officer Accessions Bonus Program, announced May 10, is targeted at Special Forces sergeants and above in MOS 18B (SF weapons sergeant), 18C (engineer sergeant), 18D (medical sergeant), 18E (communications sergeant), 18F (assistant operations sergeant) and 18Z (senior sergeant) who have 17 years or less of active federal service.

Soldiers with more than 17 years of service require a waiver from the leader development division of the Human Resources Command. Waiver requests should be routed through the commandant and director of the Special Forces Warrant Officer Institute at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Soldiers who qualify for the award of MOS 180A (SF warrant officer), and who accept the $20,000 bonus, will incur a six-year service obligation. The bonuses are tax-free if contracted in a combat zone.

Enlisted soldiers who have a service obligation under the Selective Re-enlistment Bonus or Critical skills Retention Bonus programs will not be required to repay previously awarded bonus payments. However, they are required to complete the remaining portion of the service obligation associated with the bonus.

Soldiers with questions should contact their career manager.

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