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Nearly 100 officer, NCO boards to meet in 2017

Nearly 100 boards will meet at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 2017 to select active and reserve officers and noncommissioned officers for promotion, command, special assignments and service school attendance.

The schedule prepared by the Army Selection Board Secretariat is based on a fiscal year timeline, which means it begins in October 2016 and ends in September 2017.

Most of the soldiers selected by these boards will be promoted, placed in special assignments or attend schools in the year following their selection.

As an exception, two cohorts of lieutenant colonels will be considered for battalion command by boards that meet in fiscal 2017.  The officers will assume command in 2018 and 2019.

Zones of consideration and other board details normally are released about three months in advance of the convening dates designated in the accompanying schedule.

The results of NCO selection boards normally are released several weeks after adjournment, while officer lists are released three to four months after adjournment. Depending on rank and component, many of the officer lists require Senate confirmation, a process that can take several weeks.

The 2017 schedule:    


To Lieutenant General  

Judge Advocate General              Nov. 18

To Major General      

ARNG federal recognition            Oct. 24

Army Reserve   Oct. 25-Nov. 1

Army Category  Nov. 15-16

Deputy Judge Advocate General              Nov. 18

To Brigadier General     

ARNG federal recognition              Oct. 24

Army Reserve   Oct. 25-Nov. 1

Army Medical Department          Nov. 17-18

JAG Corps           Nov. 18

Army Category  Jan. 24-31

To Colonel       

RC Chaplain        Nov. 29-Dec. 2

RC Army Promotion List Nov. 29-Dec. 16

RC AMEDD Feb. 14-March 3

AC Chaplain        March 20-22

Army Competitive Category        April 18-May 5

AC JAG Corps     July 11-13

AC AMEDD          July 11-20

USAR JAG Corps               July 18-28

AC Medical Corps             Aug. 29-31

AC Dental Corps               Aug. 29-31

To Lieutenant Colonel  

RC Chaplain        Nov. 29-Dec. 2

AC Army Category           Jan. 10-Feb. 2

AC AMEDD          Jan. 18-25

AC Medical Corps             Jan. 24-31

AC Dental            Jan. 24-31

RC Army Promotion List                Jan. 30-Feb. 16

RC AMEDD          Feb. 14-March 3

AC Chaplain        April 4-7

USAR JAG Corps               July 18-28

AC JAG Corps     July 31-Aug. 4

To Major   

AC Medical Corps             Feb. 27-Matrch 3

AC Dental Corps               Feb. 27-March 3

RC Chaplain        Feb.  28-March 3

AC Chaplain        March 6-10

USAR JAG Corps               March 7-10

RC Army Promotion List                March 7-28

RC AMEDD          May 2-19

AC Army Category           July 11-Aug. 3

AC AMEDD          Aug. 8-17

AC JAG Corps     Aug. 22-25

To Captain  

AC Army Category           March 14-31

AC AMEDD          March 21-31

RC Army Promotion List May 1-12

RC AMEDD          May 2-19

To Chief Warrant Officer  

RC 3,4,5                April 24-May 5

AC 3,4,5                April 25-May 10

To Senior NCO Ranks    

RA CSM SOF       Oct. 11-14

RA/AGR  CSM Bde and Bn            Oct. 25-Nov. 10

RA/AGR MSgt    Feb. 7-March 3

RA CSM nominative        May 15-19

RA AGR SFC        June 5-30

USAR DIMA Sgt-SGM     June 5-30

RA AGR SGM     Aug. 14-31

USAR TPU/DIMA CSM   Aug. 14-31


AC Col OPS          Oct 12-21

AC Col OS            Oct. 17-21

AC Col FS             Oct. 17-21

AC SMU               Oct. 18-21

AC Lt. Col. OPS  Nov. 1-10

AC Lt. Col. OS     Nov. 1-8

AC Lt. Col. FS      Nov. 1-8

AC Lt. Col. AMEDD           Nov. 15-22

AC Lt. Col./GS-14 AAC    Nov. 29-Dec. 2

AC Col. AMEDD 12-Dec-16

AC Col. /GS-15 AAC         Dec. 12-16

USAR Lt. Col. July 12-26

USAR Col.            Aug. 9-18

AC FY 19 Lt. Col. OPS       Sept. 11-20

AC FY 19 Lt. Col. OS          Sept. 11-19

AC FY 19 Lt. Col. FS           Sept. 11-19


ILE Chaplain        March 6-10

ILE Chaplain        May 4-20

SSC AMEDD        March 13-24

SSC JAG                March 13-24

SSC Chaplain      March 13-24

ILE AMEDD          May 9-19

ILE Army Category           July 11-Aug. 3

USAR ILE/SSC     July 26-Aug. 10

ILE JAG July 31-Aug. 4

SSC Army Category         Aug. 15-29


RC major Chaplain           Nov. 29-Dec. 2

AC major Army Category              Jan. 10-Feb. 2

AC major AMEDD             Jan. 18-25

AC major MC/DC              Jan. 24-Jan. 31

RC major APL     Jan. 30-Feb. 16

RC major AMEDD             Feb. 14-March 3

RC capaint Chaplain         Feb. 28-March 3

RC captain APL March 7-28

AC major Chaplain           April 4-7

RC captain AMEDD          May 2-19

AC major JAG    July 31-Aug. 4

AC captain AMEDD          Aug. 8-17


AC-AGR SFC Qualitative Service Program              Feb. 7-March 3

AC-AGR SSgt Qualitative Service Program             June 5-30

AC-AGR Msgt Qualitative Service Program           Aug. 14-31


USAR position vacancy  June 6-9

ROTC PMS           Aug. 21-25

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