This is not a dream. This is not a cruel joke. Sleeve-rolling of the Army Combat Uniform has really been approved, forcewide.

However, even after Tuesday's announcement and an official memo, it appears some commands have been slow to allow soldiers to start sleeve-rolling.

But fear not: The word is getting out, and Army officials Wednesday released both a sleeve-rolling how-to video as well as an official Army news release.

Many soldiers are responding with more specific questions. For example, "What if I have tattoos?" and "Do I have to roll sleeves?"  Army Times has sought answers to some of these concerns.

Soldiers with 703rd Brigade Support Battalion, part of the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, display rolled sleeves following senior Army leaders' approval of rolled sleeves across the force. The soldiers are currently serving in Gabon as part of U.S. Army Africa's exercise Central Accord 2016, an annual exercise that brings together partner nations to practice and demonstrate proficiency in conducting peacekeeping operations.

Photo Credit: U.S. Army courtesy photo

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Frequently asked questions on rolling sleeves 

Q: What if I have tattoos on my forearms? 

A: As long as you're within the Army's existing tattoo rules, you are good to go. Roll 'em up, and show off your ink as an added bonus.

A soldier demonstrates how to roll up the ACU sleeves so that the top portion can be pulled down over the roll for camo out.

Photo Credit: Gary Sheftick/Army

Q: If I don't want to roll my sleeves, do I have to? Or does it have to be uniform across a unit? 

A: "Commanders will make that determination when it comes to what to wear with regard to the soldier's duties and workplace," Army spokesman Hank Minitrez said as part of prepared answers to Army Times' questions. When appearing in formation, local commanders will provide guidance to ensure all soldiers are uniform.

A soldier demonstrates how ACU sleeves can be tucked or cuffed inside for field operations in what is known as the "Delta Roll."

Photo Credit: Gary Sheftick/Army

Q: The memo says "commanders" are authorized to allow soldiers to roll sleeves. What level of command? 

A: The battalion and company level. However, installation and/or senior mission commanders "may dictate local policy across the entire installation," Minitrez said.

Q: Is there an actual set of instructions or a tutorial video for rolling? 

A: Yes. Here is the video:

How to roll up sleeves camo out

How-to video on rolling up sleeves on Army combat uniforms. Effective immediately, commanders may authorize Soldiers to roll up sleeves on the Army combat uniforms, according to a memorandum signed by Lt. Gen. James C. McConville, deputy chief of staff, G-1, June 28.

Q: Is there any "training" soldiers are going to have to take for this?  

A: "Naturally, training soldiers is NCO business down to the squad level," Minitrez said. "For sleeves up, most senior NCOs today should remember how they used to roll their BDU sleeves and teach their soldiers."