The Army is updating a program that allows active-duty enlisted soldiers to choose preferences for assignments and locations.

The Assignment Satisfaction Key, or ASK, program has been redesigned by the Army Human Resources Command to be an expanded career development tool, according to an Army news release.

As in the past, soldiers can use the Web-based program to choose their preferences for future assignments and locations. Enlisted soldiers in ranks E-1 through E-8 non-promotable can view requisitions via the online tool, then volunteer for them and indicate their preferences.

When a soldier logs in to ASK, he or she will only see assignments they are eligible for, based on MOS, rank, time on station, and military education. This provides troops with realistic expectations, according to the release.

Once a soldier submits the request, it shows up in the Army's Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System, and Human Resources Command assignment managers will work on the order.

The updated tool allows soldiers to select assignments with lower requisition priority, instead of only showing assignments that have the most in-demand needs to be filled.

This has increased the number of assignments soldiers can view, an HRC spokeswoman said.

"Requisitions are each assigned a priority, based on Army Manning Guidance, that dictates which assignments should be filled first," Lt. Col. Janet Herrick said.

ASK now includes additional priorities, allowing soldiers to select from a higher number of available units and locations, she said.

The updated program now has one screen that's easier to navigate, and it also offers soldiers the option of indicating his or her availability for broadening opportunities, including drill sergeant and recruiter assignments, or other special-duty interests.

Soldiers who nominate themselves for assignment through ASK will receive feedback via email.

The assignment tool is available at An Army Knowledge Online account password is needed to gain access.

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