The Army's Combat Readiness Center is seeking soldier feedback and ideas after 109 soldiers died and thousands more were injured in preventable accidents during fiscal year 2016.

Officials at the Combat Readiness Center want soldier feedback as they try to curb these needless losses, and they are launching what's called "Safety Tube," a platform where soldiers can submit videos convincing each other to take safety into their own hands.

The idea is to encourage soldiers to think outside the box and reach their battle buddies about safety and best practices, said Tracey Russell, who works in the Combat Readiness Center's directorate of assessments and prevention, 

"Our young soldiers are very creative and more likely to listen to each other," Russell said.

Russell cited as an example a video posted by Capt. Robert Shepherd.

"He was able to illustrate how safety briefings don't have to be boring, covering the same topics and in the old same format," Russel said.

Shepherd created a video with a song that was originally intended for a talent show. However, after a young audience member was enthralled by the performance, Shepherd thought other soldiers, especially younger ones, would listen and enjoy it as well. After modifying the song, adding the safety element, and making a video for his target audience, Shepherd earned rave reviews from soldiers, peers and leadership alike, according to the Combat Readiness Center.

Shepherd's innovative approach to reaching other soldiers continued even after a change of station to Fort Gordon, Georgia. He organized a Brigade's Got Talent competition centered around the themes of safety, sexual assault prevention, and suicide prevention.  

For more information on submitting videos to Safety Tube, or to view Shepherd's "I Got Your Back Battle" video, click here.