The Jordanian government has formally charged one of its service members with murder for the deaths of three U.S. Special Forces soldiers, according to CNN.

The Jordanian, who was unnamed in the CNN report, is allegedly involved in the November attack on a military convoy at the King Faisal Air Base in Jordan.

"He is being officially charged with murder with intent to kill," a Jordanian government official told CNN.

On Nov. 4, a Jordanian air force guard opened fire on the U.S. forces, who were in the country as part of a training mission. A military investigation identified the Jordanian guard as Cpl. Ma'arik Al-Tawayha, who also has been referred to as Staff Sgt. M'aarek Abu Tayeh.

Due to the current allied status of Jordan and the United States, the service members traveled in unarmored vehicles, did not wear body armor, and only carried handguns. The guard was wearing body armor and carrying an M-16 rifle.

The attack resulted in the deaths of Staff Sgt. Kevin McEnroe, Staff Sgt. James Moriarty and Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Lewellen. The soldiers belonged to 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

In March, the fathers of the three soldiers publicly called for murder charges against the man accused of shooting their sons.

Initially, Jordanian media blamed the U.S. troops for not properly adhering to base procedures. However, an investigation into the incident found that the U.S. troops "demonstrated valorous conduct and extraordinary heroism," according to a redacted investigation report that CNN obtained.

"There is no evidence that US forces failed to fully comply with Jordanian Base entrance procedures," the investigation report read according to CNN.

According to CNN, the report recommends U.S. forces use armored vehicles and have at least one rifle with them in the future.

Rachael Kalinyak is an editorial intern with Network Solutions.

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