Aimpoint’s new fire control system for the Carl Gustaf is designed to simplify targeting and firing for the warfighter, according to Dennis Moore, the project manager for the company’s fire control system.

The new FCS 13RE comes with a ballistic computer, laser range finder and a disturbed-reticle sight for aiming, all housed in a self-contained unit, Moore explained.

After acquiring a target through a red dot sight, “you lase a target and it gives you a targeting dot, [and] as soon as you can release the laser range finder button, it gives you a ballistic solution and lased range to target,” Moore explained.

The new Aimpoint FCS is better than other devices, Moore said. For one, the operator has a full natural field of view with both eyes open. This “makes it easier to track targets,” Moore added.

Also, with the new Aimpoint FCS “you’re not dealing with additional electrical dependence,” he explained. “They have no additional cabling.”

The Aimpoint FCS is completely self-contained and runs on six AA batteries.

The new Carl Gustaf M4, or M3E1 as the Army calls it, comes with a forward remote cable with the Aimpoint that allows the operator to set fuses such as air burst or delayed burst, Moore explained.

The Carl Gustaf is an 84mm recoilless anti-tank rifle built by Saab and commonly carried by U.S. troops and special operations forces.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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