Warner Bros. on Wednesday released a second, Thanksgiving-themed trailer for “12 Strong,” its upcoming movie based on the Special Forces team that rode through Afghanistan on horseback to take down the Taliban in late 2001.

The film tells the story of Operational Detachment Alpha 595, 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, who entered Afghanistan barely a month after the Sept. 11 attacks and joined with the Northern Alliance, an organization of tribal groups united against the Taliban and al-Qaida as part of Task Force Dagger.

The Green Berets fought on horseback, and their declassified story was featured in the 2010 book “Horse Soldiers.”

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Capt. Mitch Nelson. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, that’s because it shouldn’t — Hemsworth’s character is based on the real-life, retired Maj. Mark Nutsch, and all of the names in the movie have been changed.

The movie “12 Strong” is due out Jan. 19.

Meghann Myers is the Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times. She covers operations, policy, personnel, leadership and other issues affecting service members.

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