Some facilities at the Army’s Carlisle Barracks are closed Tuesday and port-o-potties were going up around the barracks and housing areas after staff, residents and students were told not to use the water in any way.

A water distribution point was being set up at the commissary on Tuesday while the water supply was being tested, installation officials said on Facebook.

Officials alerted residents and others at the Pennsylvania installation on Monday to stop using the water there in any way after “an abnormal gas presence” was detected in the water supply.

“Indicators revealed an abnormal gas presence in the Carlisle Barracks water supply,” the Carlisle Barracks garrison commander said on Facebook.

Facilities that were closed Tuesday include the health and dental clinics, pharmacy, child development center, youth center and pool.

Fitness centers were open but no showers or running water would be available. The exchange was said to have limited operations, with fast food and barber shop closed.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issued an order for Carlisle Barracks residents and patrons to not use the water supply on the installation in any capacity,” according to the garrison commander’s Facebook page. “This includes ceasing the use of sink faucets, flushing toilets, showering, dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, etc. The purpose of this is to prevent residual gas build-up releasing from the water lines.”

The state’s environmental agency was testing water samples at Carlisle and results would not be available before noon Tuesday, officials said.

The Army War College’s Center for Strategic Leadership was open for limited operations.

Staff who were not directed to go to work are on administrative leave, officials said.

A briefing was planned for 1 p.m. Tuesday for Army War College resident students.

Kathleen Curthoys is editor of Army Times. She has been an editor at Military Times for 20 years, covering issues that affect service members. She previously worked as an editor and staff writer at newspapers in Columbus, Georgia; Huntsville, Alabama; Bloomington, Indiana; Monterey, California and in Germany.

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