Soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen around the world are looking for love — usually in all the wrong places. What might it have been like if some of the greatest military minds in American history happened to be on dating apps?

Would you swipe right on America’s all-time favorite generals?

Name: James Mattis

Age: 71

About Me: Call me Jim. I’m a straight-shooter who will never sugarcoat things for you because I like to keep it real. I will always put my career first, no matter what. Looking for an intellectual who reads as much as I do

Likes: CHAOS, reading 30+ books a year, knife hands, the Marine Corps, keeping you awake at night ;)

Dislikes: Mad dogs, stupid people, PowerPoint

Name: George Patton

Age: 60

About Me: World-traveling soldier with a passport full of stamps. Definitely consider myself an alpha. Casual Olympian (pentathlon). I swear a lot... swipe left if you have delicate sensibilities

Likes: Whiskey, horseback riding, pistols with ivory handles

Dislikes: Being told what to do

Name: William Tecumseh Sherman

Age: 71

About Me: Ohioan, originally. Failed banker-turned dutiful soldier. Lover of the arts and Shakespeare. Have eight (yes, eight!) kids who are my world. Big-time fan of theater. Let’s get dinner and see a play sometime!

Likes: Theater and going to shows

Dislikes: War... it’s hell. Also hate the song “Marching Through Georgia

Name: Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller

Age: 73

About Me: Competitive, driven. Looking for someone ambitious and serious but who also knows how to relax and smoke a good pipe now and again. 4x wars as a Marine. First round is on me if you can guess where I got my nickname (but only if you’re drinking whiskey)

Likes: Civil War history, brutal honesty

Dislikes: Ice cream, that sh*t is for pansies.

Name: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Age: 78

About Me: I go by Ike. Favorite movie is “Angels in the Outfield.” You’ll know I like you if I cook for you. And I make a mean vegetable soup. God first: Psalm 127:1 and 2 Chronicles 7:14

Likes: Oil painting, baseball, golf, the military industrial complex

Dislikes: Squirrels. They destroy golf courses.

Name: Douglas McArthur

Age: 84

About Me: Philippines > Japan > Korea > SF > NYC. Introvert. West Point baseball. Threw up on the steps of the White House one time (no, I wasn’t drunk). Just looking for someone to enjoy quiet time with as I laze around on the porch in my favorite red rocking chair

Likes: Corncob pipes, aviator sunglasses, nuclear proliferation

Dislikes: Small talk

**This is a satirical article, which has no bearing on the marital status of those generals listed within it.

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