1. 'A small uniform change'

Pro: Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert may be the star (and may have continued his silly-hat streak), but all credit goes to Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (AW/NEC) Mike Stevens, who manages to keep up with CNO's over-the-top antics while maintaining a facial expression that conveys the appropriate levels of humor, respect and "How did I get roped into this?"

Con: The viral video parodied by Navy leadership went up last September. In viral-video years, that makes it old enough to retire with full benefits. Even the video's original stars have moved on to new gigs as Apple spokesmen. Say, would Justin Timberlake be available to shill for the NeRD?

Bonus: We won't spoil the surprise guest at the end, but let's just say the fact that the surprise guest didn't break into song is the biggestupsetofArmy-Navyweek so far.

2. Fractured fairy tale

Pro: It's rare to have a spirit spot featuring the star of a recent Hollywood blockbuster.

Con: "Blockbuster" is relative.

3. Going old school

Pro: Sure, it's a rehash of the old "fire the football out of a cannon" trick, but it helps when the ship holding the cannon is nearly a century older than the Army-Navy football rivalry.

Con: Army's 2nd Infantry Division managed to shoot a football around the planet without it going flat. Navy might want to consider a review of its pigskin ordnance standards. Or find an air pump.

4. Terror from the deep

Pro: The folks at Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center Panama City, Florida, went all out on the production values, with a 30-second spot that could serve as an underwater fight scene in a Bond film.

Con: The deadly diver clearly didn't get the memo on the new uniforms, although the element of stealth, even underwater, might be lost if the attacker resembles an animated First Navy Jack.

5. Long-distance dedication

Pro: Andrew Barry certainly shows the scope of this rivalry. And before any Army fans cry CGI, his story checks out.

Con: The award for "Best Naval Academy Video Involving Freezing," sadly, was awarded earlier this year.

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