The Army-Navy football game will soon be upon us Dec. 10. And you know what that means: spirit videos.

In the first of what is expected to be many biting short films to come, the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division blows up the Navy’s mascot: Bill the Goat.

Was the movie the greatest of all time (GOAT) or in very baaa-aaa-aaad taste? Perhaps the latter, considering last year the Army Cadets stole the wrong goat from the Naval Academy in a prank gone wrong.

Last year’s raid was intended to steal Bill No. 37 — the school’s current goat. However, the Cadets came away with Bill No. 35. To be clear, Bill No. 35 was a 14-year-old, retired, Naval Academy goat with arthritis, was missing a horn and had been set out to pasture.

Luckily, no live animals were harmed in the making of the Army’s new video, but it is not subtle in its attempt to portray that the Army plans to crush the seafaring service.

The Army-Navy game is around the corner and the promos are coming out. Is this one in bad taste or is it the greatest of all time?
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