The Command and General Staff College is letting pregnant women attend. But not without a fight, some women say.
An Army reserve officer is tweeting anti-government messages while on active orders.
The NCOs were selected for promotion by the board that met in April.
Haeder Al Anbki was all set to become a U.S. citizen last year.
The ability to distort the truth is expected to reach new heights with the development of so-called “deep fake" technology: manufactured audio recordings and video footage that could fool even digital forensic experts.
With the development of the Containerized Ice Making System, the Army will likely soon be able to easily produce ice, a valuable commodity on the battlefield.
The Army and the Vegas team reached an agreement after seven months of dispute.
The memorial in Washington, D.C., is planned for completion in 2020.
Investigators: Dover mortuary supervisor's behavior was inappropriate around some fallen service members' remains.
A couple top international club teams will be playing in San Diego on July 25.
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