Many military families aren’t complete without their four-legged friends. And that includes the Marine Corps family.

Lt. Gen. Michael Dana, the deputy commandant for installations and logistics, starred in the above video designed to help his fellow Marines make their next military move with their pets in tow. There’s even a celebrity cameo toward the end ... complete with drool.

While his message may be intended for Marines, Dana’s common-sense tips are universal for military members on the move.

Want more? Here are some pet-friendly permanent change-of-station resources for those preparing to hit the road.

  • provides some basic pet-moving guidance.
  • This Air Mobility Command brochure (PDF) breaks down transportation details, including carriers specs.
  • Military OneSource offers a tip sheet, including advice for overseas relocations, which can involve many more hurdles for pet owners.

Get more PCS guidance here.

Kevin Lilley is the features editor of Military Times.

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