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Military Times and our other news sites (Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times) have a new look, a redesign that will deliver more news, videos, reader polls and quizzes and the stories you care about.

Improved for both mobile and desktop, we hope you find the experience an improvement to our old sites. We’re also introducing several new features, including new channels like: 

Flashpoints. U.S. troops are deployed all over the world. Flashpoints puts a laser focus on areas of global conflict, terrorism and U.S. military action.

Veterans. A dedicated channel to all U.S. military veterans, with coverage including benefits, health care and Tricare, transition assistance and more.

Military Honor. A spotlight on U.S. military service and sacrifice, this channel includes Honor the Fallen, tributes to all U.S. casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan; and the Hall of Valor, the largest database of U.S. military decorations and war stories in the world.

Other new features include: 

Deadly Skills video series: Retired Navy SEAL and best-selling author Clint Emerson (”100 Deadly Skills,” ”Escape the Wolf”), demonstrates life hacks for staying alive, staying safe and staying in control of any situation. These 90-second videos will entertain and educate.

Medals & Misfires: This reoccurring opinion feature will award “medals” to smart moves made by military officials. Leaders will hopefully avoid earning a “misfire,” a written jab for misdeeds, boneheaded decision-making and general mission failure. Produced weekly, this feature will be a must-read.

Our new tip line: Send us confidential tips or story ideas, direct to our team of editors, at

In the days to come we’ll also be rolling out a number of special reports and projects. And in the meantime, bear with us. System transitions always bring unexpected hiccups, and we expect this one to be no different. Rest assured they’ll be addressed quickly.

We welcome feedback. Please send your comments to

Thank you for serving, and thank you for reading.


Tony Lombardo

Military Times Executive Editor

Tony leads a team of more than 30 editors, reporters and videographers dedicated to covering the news that affects service members and their families. Tony is responsible for strategy of the Military Times digital brands, the print publications, video and multimedia projects for Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times.

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