Selection procedures have been announced for basic-branch officers of the active and reserve components who want to compete for enrollment in the Advanced Military Studies Program that begins in June 2016 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The year-long course, an offering of the School of Advanced Military Studies and Combined Arms Center, is projected to have 144 available seats, with 108 of those designated for Army selectees, 18 for sister service officers, nine for interagency personnel and nine for international officers.

Class selections will be made by a board that meets Nov. 2-6 after applicants have undergone a rigorous screening process that includes an examination, supervisor assessment and faculty interview.

Selected officers will incur a two-year service obligation upon completion of studies in May 2017, and will be scheduled for a one-year utilization tour in planning support positions where they can draw on their newly gained skills and knowledge.

Graduates are colloquially known as "Jedi Knights."

The AMSP, a course primarily populated by majors, is one of two programs offered by SAMS.  The other is the Advanced Strategic Leadership Studies Program, a two-year regimen of study and seminar leadership duties for senior field-grade officers who will be assigned to critical planning positions with the combatant commands, joint task forces and other four-star headquarters.

To qualify for the AMSP, officers must have credit for Intermediate Level Education, or be enrolled in an ILE program that is scheduled to graduate before the AMSP course begins in June 2016.

Majors in year groups 2002 and earlier, 2004 and later, and 2003 are eligible to compete during this selection process for 2017 AMSP. They should check MiPer Message 15-237, dated July 22, for details about year-group eligibility.

Warrant officers and Army civilians in grades GS-13 and GS-14 also are eligible, provided they have a bachelor's degree or higher.  Warrant officers must be graduates of the Warrant Officer Staff Course.

Officers also must be from one of the following specialties:

Career branches: Acquisition Corps, Air Defense, Adjutant General, Armor, Aviation, Chemical, Engineer, Field Artillery, Infantry, Logistics, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Medical Service Corps (AOCs 67A and 67J), Ordnance, Quartermaster, Signal, Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Transportation.

Functional Areas:  Electronic Warfare, Information Operations, Strategic Intelligence, Public Affairs, Foreign Area Officer, Operations Research and Systems Analysis, Systems Automation and Strategist.

Officers in branches and functional areas not listed above, but who want to compete for AMSP selection, must request permission from their assignment branch before submitting an application.

The application site for AMSP will open Aug. 6 and close Sept. 8.  Officers can register for the process by accessing HTTPS://CGSC2.LEAVENWORTH.ARMY.MIL/STUDENTS/SAMS/INDEX.ASP. For additional details, consult MiPer Message 15-237.