Applications are being accepted from qualified aviators for one of the most demanding training regimens in the military, the Army Experimental Test Pilot Program.

Commissioned and warrant officers who make the selection cut will attend an 11-month course of academic and operational training at the Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent Naval Air Station, Maryland.

Selections will be made by an Officer Personnel Management Directorate board that convenes April 20 at the Human Resources Command, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Application packets must be received at Human Resources Command no later than April 11.

Commissioned officers selected for the program automatically will be accessed into the Army Acquisition Corps where they will serve for the remainder of their career.

The test pilot school conducts two 11-month classes annually, beginning in January and June.

Commissioned officer applicants must be members of the Aviation career branch or the Army Acquisition Corps, and be in year groups 2008-2010.

Officers must have completed a key developmental assignment for their branch and rank, and have at least 700 flight hours, with a minimum of 500 hours in helicopters.

Warrant officer applicants must be in the grade of chief warrant officer 2, or higher, and have at least 750 flight hours, with a minimum of 500 hours in rotary wing aircraft.

Additionally, warrant officers must have completed the appropriate level of military education for their grade, and have sufficient time remaining on active duty to complete a four-year service obligation when they graduate from training.

Desirable qualifications for applicants include:

  • A degree in an engineering, math or science, and completion of such courses as calculus, statistics, differential equations, aircraft stability and control, thermodynamics, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, propulsion, vibration analysis, aerodynamics and performance.
  • Rating as an instructor pilot, instrument flight examiner, maintenance test pilot or maintenance elevator.
  • Experience in complex aircraft, such as the CH-47F, UH-60L/M, AH-64A/D, OH-58D and/or military fixed-wing aircraft.

Interested officers should consult MilPer Message 16-055, dated Feb. 17, regarding application packet requirements.

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