A team from the 75th Ranger Regiment is operating in Syria as American forces ramp up the fight against ISIS in its capital city.

The special operators and a Marine artillery unit are positioned in Syria to provide support to the commander of Operation Inherent Resolve in the effort to liberate Raqqa, according to a U.S. Central Command spokesman.

"The exact numbers and locations of these forces are sensitive in order to protect our forces, but there will be approximately an additional 400 enabling forces deployed for a temporary period to enable our Syrian partnered forces to defeat ISIS in Raqqah," Air Force Lt. Col. John Dorrian told Marine Corps Times in a statement Wednesday.

In a videoposted to the veteran community site Funker 530 on Monday, American forces reportedly operate a Stryker fighting vehicle in Manbij, Syria.

Photos of the Stryker bear the call sign of the 75th Ranger Regiment's 3rd Battalion, based at Fort Benning, Georgia.

A U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman could not confirm its authenticity on Thursday.

"There are some subjects, units and people we do not discuss because of security classification," Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt told Army Times.

"Once SOF are in a geographic combatant commander's area of responsibility, they are under that commander's command and control," he added.

Dorrian could not be reached for further comment Thursday.

Meghann Myers is the Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times. She covers operations, policy, personnel, leadership and other issues affecting service members.

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