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CID extends deadline to become warrant officer special agents

The Army has extended the application deadline to May 15 for commissioned officers who want to become warrant officer special agents at the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.

In the wake of 15 officers who resigned their commission to transition to warrant officers, the deadline was extended to give CID a solid pool of potential agents, as well as an opportunity for candidates to apply for the next class, according to an Army news release.

CID is seeking first lieutenants and captains from any military occupational specialty.

Warrant officers who become CID special agents will conduct felony-level investigations, as well as plan, organize and supervise criminal investigations, protective services and rule-of-law operations, according to the release.

The Commissioned Officer to Warrant Officer Program combines company-grade officers with leadership training and warrant officers with technical training. 

In the past, transitions were seen on a case-by-case basis, but CID officials saw a group of officers shift to warrant officers during a ceremony on Feb. 22, according to the release.

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