The Army is set to test self-driving trucks by sending them across a stretch of Michigan highway, CBS Detroit reported Thursday.

For the past year, the Army has been testing the driverless system with convoys on a connected highway system. 

The next test will involve the trucks driving across the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron, Michigan, north of Detroit. The bridge connects Interstate 69 and Interstate 94 in Michigan with Highway 402 in Ontario.

That will take place this month, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The driverless system is expected to help keep soldiers safe in hazardous situations, such as convoys in deployed locations.

In the upcoming test, each vehicle will operate in fully automated mode, but will have a person on board in case something goes wrong, and to adhere to road laws.

"You're crossing a steel girder bridge and you look for the different radar reflections, whether or not your system gets confused or not," said Paul Rogers, head of the Army's research efforts, in the CBS report.

Testing has also assessed communications equipment, which has gone well, Rogers said.

The roadway will remain open to public traffic during the testing.

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