Watch baby's reaction to seeing Daddy Doll

A 6-month-old has the best reaction when he sees a doll with his soldier dad's picture on it. (Courtesy of Deanna Briscoe)

Nathan Briscoe was only 3 months old when his dad deployed to Europe in May, but Nathan’s family wanted the baby boy to know that his father was always there for him, even from far away.

So Nathan’s mom, Deanna, ordered a “Daddy Doll” with a picture of her husband, Army Sgt. Chase Briscoe, in uniform. The doll company was created for children whose parents were deployed so they could have a reminder of them at home. Deanna also had a recording of her husband’s voice put into the doll so Nathan would be able to hear a message from him.

Nathan, who’s now 6 months old, had the cutest reaction when his mom gave him the doll with his deployed dad’s face on it.